How To Delete Drafts On TikTok?

Remove The Unwanted Videos In Drafts On TikTok!

Saving drafts on TikTok is one of the best ways to view your videos on TikTok. But there is a possibility that you might end up making many drafts and want to delete them. Do you know how to delete drafts on TikTok? You can save as many videos on TikTok as drafts if your phone storage doesn’t get full. Just like your drafts are kept in a folder so you can access them easily, you can create playlists on your TikTok account so that your viewers can watch content if you make videos in parts or series.

But where to find the drafts folder on TikTok, and how to delete them? In this guide, we will learn how to locate your drafts and how to delete drafts on TikTok.

How To Delete Drafts On TikTok On iPhone And Android?

how to delete TikTok drafts

Drafts are a list of videos that you recorded in the past. If you have recorded the video and not posted it, it will appear in the drafts. Before posting the video, if you want to view it, you must save the video to your drafts. Once you have saved your video to the drafts, the next step is to find the drafts folder. After that, you can view, edit and delete drafts on TikTok whenever you wish. The steps to delete drafts on Tiktok using iPhone and Android device is very similar; let’s find out further:

1. Open your TikTok app and sign in to your account.

2. If you want to find drafts on TikTok, you must tap on the “Me” icon. You will be able to see the drafts folder on your profile page.

3. Tap on the drafts folder to view the list of videos in the drafts.

4. Now tap on the “select” option on the right side.

5. Now, tap on the video draft you want to delete. You can also select multiple drafts by tapping on all drafts that you want to remove.

6. Tap “delete” at the bottom of your screen. You will also see the number of drafts that you have selected to delete.

7. Finally, Tiktok will ask you if you want to delete the selected drafts, you must tap “delete.”

How To Delete Drafts On TikTok On iPhone

How To Save Drafts On TikTok?

If you cannot see drafts on TikTok, you haven’t saved any videos to your drafts in the past. Therefore, you must record your video first, and then here’s how you can save drafts on TikTok:

1. Open your Tiktok app and sign in to your account.

2. Once TikTok opens up, you must tap on the “plus icon.”

3. Now, press the circle at the bottom of your screen in the center to record your video.

4. Once you are done recording your video, tap on the “tick” icon.

How To Save Drafts On TikTok

5. You can add audio, sticker, text, or sound to your video. Once you are finished editing your video, tap “next.”

6. Finally, the page appears that allows you to save or post your videos. You must tap “drafts.”

How To Save TikTok Drafts

Finally, your video will be added to the drafts folder on TikTok.

If You Delete TikTok Will It Delete Your Drafts?

Yes, if you delete or uninstall the TikTok app, you might lose all the videos in the drafts. Therefore, if you want to save the drafts on your phone and then delete TikTok.


If you were recording your video and suddenly shut the TikTok app, those videos are added to the draft list. Likewise, whenever you are recording your video and close your app abruptly, it will get saved to the drafts. If you delete or uninstall the TikTok app, you might lose all the videos in the drafts.

Also, if you record your videos using your camera roll and now want to post them on TikTok, you must know how to crop your video in the TikTok ratio aspect.