TweetDeck Alternative Platforms You Should Know!

Choose the Best TweetDeck Alternative For You!

If you have several accounts for the many brands you handle, you will need a platform like TweetDeck. But are you looking out for TweetDeck Alternative already? Why would you want one? As you know this platform allows you to reply to tweets, manage numerous Twitter accounts and interact with other Twitter users. TweetDeck was an independent website before Twitter bought it in 2011, making it an official Twitter platform.

Top 5 Alternative Platforms Of TweetDeck

Alternative Platforms Of TweetDeck

You can do all this using one interface on TweetDeck. But why do you need an alternative if you have TweetDeck? The other alternatives of TweetDeck keep introducing more features that will make your experience easier.

Here’s a list of TweetDeck alternative Platforms that you must try using:


other alternatives of TweetDeck

Hootsuite is one of the best TweetDeck free alternatives.

This is primarily a Chrome browser extension that allows you to schedule posts, monitor notifications, and even respond to comments across your social media networks without opening the platforms in your browser.

In addition to the extension, Hootsuite now has a smartphone app that supports almost all smartphones.

The Hootsuite app is relatively similar to Tweetdeck in terms of functionality. However, imagine Tweetdeck displaying notifications, messages, and updates from all social media networks instead of just Twitter.


TweetDeck free alternatives

Tweepi may be the next best alternative to Tweetdeck if you use social media platforms to outreach and network with people.

Its main focus is on the outreach process. You may use some of its features while managing several social media profiles inside the Tweepi dashboard.

You will be able to identify relevant users on Twitter, effortlessly clean up your account when you reach a follow limit, interact with your audience without missing a message, and even understand your followers using these outreach capabilities.

Tweepi has the means to make better success with its process, whether you are an influencer, or want to connect with relevant people. Or simply use Twitter for business.

Sprout Social

best alternative to Tweetdeck

In terms of features, Sprout Social is a pretty similar platform to Tweetdeck, but its features elevate social media management. While the Sprout Social tool is ideal for personal usage, it provides a significant contribution to the business.

You can discover trends using its analytical tools that provide insights into all of your social profiles. Then, sprout Social recovers these trends and provides actionable insights and advice based on your social data. This will allow you to take action according to the insights and improve your marketing plan accordingly.


similar platform to Tweetdeck

This platform helps you to monitor brand engagements.

It is a fantastic tool for not only building professional and business relationships on social media, but also for understanding how people react to your brand and company.

It also helps in maintaining calendar functions and schedules posts like TweetDeck.

Denim Social

Denim Social

Denim Social combines some of Tweetdeck’s best features with several additional ones that primarily benefit businesses with an online presence.

What distinguishes Denim Social from Tweetdeck is that it’s one of the few social media management platforms that can handle LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

The Denim Social tool also can filter critical keywords, ensuring a professional approach to social media management.


There are multiple advantages to switching from TweetDeck to its other alternatives. Even though it’s an upgrade with a price tag, it’s well worth it when you consider the possibilities.

You can choose one of the TweetDeck Alternative Platforms from this list according to your requirements and budget.