How To Contact Instagram Support?

How do I contact Instagram directly about a problem? Does Instagram support respond?

If you are facing a bug or your account on Instagram is hacked the first thing you would want to know is how to contact Instagram support. Insta is one of the most popular apps among social media platformsand it has billion of active users around the globe, and catering support to all these users is extremely complex.

But Instagram does not have a customer support active team that responds immediately.

They definitely have enormous Q&As that will help you to fix the errors. Still, if you want to reach the platform, you can contact the Instagram support team. Here we have collated some information on how to contact Instagram support!

How To Reach Instagram Support?

What is the Instagram support number

If you are impatient and want to contact Instagram via phone, then you can try reaching 650-543-4800. But again, there’s no guarantee that you might receive a response.

How To Email Instagram Support?

If you want to try reaching Instagram through emails, then you can write a mail to [email protected]. There’s no assurance that you will get an honest reply to your emails.

You might want to reach Instagram to report a bug that you have found or facing a technical glitch or ask queries that you may have.

For instance, if your account does not have the latest feature that Instagram announced, you certainly want to bring this to Instagram’s notice. The platform’s reporting feature acts as customer support.

How do I contact Instagram about a problem?

How do I contact Instagram about a problem

Here’s how you can report a technical problem on Instagram:

  • First, you must open the Instagram app on your phone.
  • Tap on your profile icon in the left corner.
  • Then go to the hamburger icon, and select “settings.”
  • Tap on “Help”
  • Next, select “Report a problem.”
  • Select the issue according to the one that you are facing, whether you want to “report a spam or abuse,” send feedback, or simply report a problem.

How do I contact Instagram about a technical problem

  • If you report a problem like a bug or want to send feedback, you need to attach a screenshot and write a brief description.
  • Once you are done, click on “submit.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I tell Instagram about a problem?

Ans. You cannot reach out to Instagram directly. But you can report a bug or a problem that you are facing through the IG. Here’s how you can report a problem on the app:

  1. Open the Instagram app and go to your profile icon.
  2. Tap on the hamburger icon and then go to settings.
  3. Go to “help.”
  4. Select “report a problem.”
  5. You can either shake your phone to report a problem or select “report problem without shaking.”

Q2. Does Instagram reply emails?

Ans. You can reach out to Instagram via email at [email protected]. But there are high chances of not getting a reply via email. The only way to reach out to Instagram is via reporting your issue.

Q3. Does Instagram have live support?

Ans. No, currently, Instagram does not have live support.

Q4. How long does it take for Instagram to respond to a report?

Ans. Usually, it takes 24 hours for Instagram to respond to a report. Even if you don’t receive a response, you should be patient.

Q5. How long does it take Instagram to recover a hacked account?

Ans. You need to verify your identity with Instagram. It may take two working days for them to review your account. Once you pass the review, you will receive a link in your email that will allow you to reset your IG password.


If you want to report spam, then you need to block and report the account. Hence now that you know how to contact Instagram support through a phone call or email, try reaching out to them on the above email and number. In case you want to contact Instagram because your account is hacked, then you must try these ways to recover your Insta account instead of trying to get in touch with Instagram. Also, to avoid hacking, you must turn on the two-factor authentication on your IG account because there are very few chances that you might receive a positive response from Instagram.

Therefore try to be patient if you are reposting a bug or sending feedback. If you have queries, you need to reach out to the Instagram Help Center, which has collated frequently asked questions and answers. Also, here if you have any Instagram-related queries, you can visit our site!