How To Increase Engagement On Instagram?

Use these proven tips to step up your engagement game on Instagram!

Whether you are an influencer or have a business account, you are always wondering how to increase engagement on Instagram. The number of times you post is one of the essential factors responsible for the engagement you receive on your posts. However, replying to DMs while running a business can get complicated at times. Also, if you are a content creator, you might not understand what to prioritize. Creating content is significant, but not receiving engagement on your posts can demotivate you!

But we will help you with a strategy on how to increase engagement on Instagram!

How To Boost Engagement On Instagram?

Guaranteed Tips To Increase Engagement On Instagram

If you want to know how to boost engagement on Instagram, you must have an engagement strategy in place. The least time you can invest in engaging is 30 minutes. This should mostly be 15 minutes before your post and 15 minutes once you are done posting. Here’s how to increase Insta reach:

Know Your Niche

Before knowing how to engage, you should know about your niche. Engaging with your people can get complicated without a clear understanding of your niche. To know what your audience is looking out for, you need to figure out your niche.

Make A List Of Influencers Of The Same Niche

Now that you have an understanding of the niche, you now need to make a list of top influencers making similar content. If you want to know what your audience expects, you need to know where they spend watching similar content. You need to create a list of at least 5 to 10 accounts you can interact with.

Create A Checklist Of Hashtags

While you search for relevant hashtags, make a checklist of a minimum of five hashtags that your audience engages in relating to your niche. This is how you will be able to find content that your audience likes to watch. Also, do not overuse hashtags; you might end up getting shadowbanned on Instagram.

Make A List Of The Account That You Support Belonging To Your Niche

Why do you need to support other accounts with a similar niche as yours? Connecting and supporting smaller Instagram accounts can help you to grow together.  Also, you can get engagement in return. Once you build a connection, you can also collaborate to share engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is my IG engagement so low?

Ans. If your IG shares content that is outdated. Or if you share content posted by other content creators without providing proper credit, you will notice that engagement has decreased.

Q2. How to boost reels on Instagram?

Ans. Follow these tips to boost reels on Instagram:

  • Use popular and trendy audio tracks on your reels.
  • Write engaging captions on your reels.
  • Use relevant and appropriate hashtags to increase your Instagram reels reach.
  • Upload reels consistently.

Q3. Do hashtags increase engagement?

Ans. Yes, posts with hashtags receive twice as much engagement as the ones that haven’t used hashtags on their posts. Therefore, if you want to get more engagement on your IG posts, you must post relevant and appropriate hashtags on your posts.

Q4. How to increase Insta reach?

Ans. If you want to know how to increase Insta reach, you must follow these tips:

  • Upload engaging stories on your profile.
  • Make memes your best friend because everyone can relate to them.
  • Create graphic images that are informative.
  • Must include a call to action in your caption’s post.


Now that you know how to increase engagement on Instagram, you must figure out your weaknesses and work on them. If you aren’t able to understand why you aren’t getting enough engagement on your posts, you must start using these tips in real-time:

  • Understand your niche closely first.
  • Make a list of the influencers that belong to your niche so you can collaborate with them to increase your Insta reach.
  • Use relevant and appropriate hashtags in your posts.
  • Support the other content creators so that they can do the same for you.

Also, a pro tip, once you publish your post, you should not edit your post. Find out why editing your post is a big no!