How To Post Full Picture On Instagram Without Cropping?(2024)

Learn this cool hack to fit your full photo on Instagram using a free app!

Instagram doesn’t let you post tall photos. It crops your images to fit them into its 4:5 ratio (the IG square!) So it’s natural to wonder how to post full picture on Instagram without cropping.

In this article, you will learn how to post full-size photo on Instagram without cropping as well as without the white background if one doesn’t want the white canvas style on your Instagram profile.

How To Fit Whole Picture On Instagram? (Without Adding The White Background)

To fit the full picture on Instagram, you need to resize it manually. Or else, use image resizing tools, like Snapseed and Canva, to centre the image. 

Although the White background allows you to fit your photo on Instagram, it changes your entire feed. Some people like the artistic white canvas style on their Instagram feed, but not everyone is happy with it. If you want to fit your entire picture on Instagram without white background, then this trick is for you! But to resize your Instagram photo, you have to download a free photo editing app called Snapseed.

Snapseed app is available on the Appstore as well as the Play Store. So Android and ios users can easily use this process to upload full-size picture on Instagram.


Let’s walk you through the steps to post full picture on Instagram without adding the white background:

  • Open the Snapseed app.
  • Give the app access to your photos
  • Tap on the screen to open photos
  • Choose the image you want to edit
  • Tap on tools from the bottom menu
  • Select expand (It will smartly add extra background to your image)


  • Choose “Smart” from the options below. (You can add black, white, or smart background to your photo) The smart option picks up the background from your image and adds an extra border of the same background.
  • Adjust how much extra background border you need.
  • Once done, click on the tick mark icon.
  • Tap on export and Select Save.
  • Select “Allow to modify” from the pop-up.


Open Instagram and check if the image now fits properly. Adjust the photo as you want on your IG feed. The image will still be cropped by Instagram, but this time, it won’t destroy the image instead, it will only crop a little bit of your smart background keeping your original photo as it is. This way, you can fit the whole picture on Instagram without compromising on the beauty of your photo.

This hack for resizing your Instagram photos only works with images that are taken with the background. Close-up photos won’t look instaworthy with the smart background. However, the expand tool can easily resize outdoor images with sky and ground backgrounds.

You can easily fit your full photos with gigantic monuments on Instagram with this method. You don’t have to choose whether the sky or your cute sneakers deserve to be on your Instagram feed!

How To Post Full Picture On Instagram Without Cropping?

You must have come across an Instagram account whose entire feed is a huge white canvas with properly placed photos. You, too, can create an Insta feed like this; all you have to do is resize your images before uploading them on Instagram. Various photo-editing apps help you resize your picture and add a white background, allowing you to fit the landscape and portrait image in Instagram’s 4:5 ratio.


Resize Photo For Instagram For Free

Open any photo editor tool you like and select the “output size” option. Once you put 4:5 in the output size, the tool will automatically add extra space on both sides of your photo. Next, select the color white as the background. Another way to add a white background to your Instagram post is by choosing a blank white canvas on any of your photo editing tools like Canva, Picsart, etc., and adding your image on top of it. This trick will allow you to add white space on all sides of the picture.


You can post photos in landscape and portrait mode on Instagram for free using the canvas tool. It is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to add a white background to your images for free.

  • Open 
  • Search “Instagram post” in the search bar.

resize ig photos free using canva

  • Click on “Create a Blank Instagram Post”

instagram photo resize-canva

  • Then find Uploads in the sidebar and click on it

instagram image resize-canva

  • Click on “Upload Media”
  • Select the image you want to resize and upload on Instagram from your device
  • Once it’s successfully uploaded on Canva, select the image from the uploads 
  • Now, adjust the image on the canvas. You can drag the sides and corners to fit the image.

instagram post resize-canva (2)

  • Once you are done, click on the Share button in the top right corner
  • Download the image and post it on Instagram with a great caption!

instagram photo resize free

So resize your Instagram photos, add apt music to your post and upload it! Oh, don’t forget to add a sassy caption to your beautiful and optimised IG post.

What is Instagram’s Post Size?

Instagram’s maximum aspect for posts ratio is 4:5. (four pixels wide for every five pixels tall). The restriction on Instagram reduces the number of very tall images in the feed, which takes up a lot of vertical space.

The struggle to fit the whole picture on Instagram without cropping is real. However, after swiping through a ton of photo editing apps and trying the hack of adding a white background to your images, we have unlocked the best way to post a full picture on Instagram. The Snapseed app can help you resize your image without cutting out a part of it and post it on Instagram. So, in short, start resizing your Instagram images to the new aspect ratio for better engagement rates. 

While you are at it, learn how to add multiple photos to the same IG story and change the background of your Instagram story to create fantastic content that your followers couldn’t resist sharing!