How To Reverse Audio On Instagram?

Now you can reverse audio on Instagram without even a rewind feature!

When you wanna post a story or anything on Instagram, we love to post it as it is! However, sometimes to generate little curiosity among other users, you can reverse sound on Instagram. But do you know how to reverse audio on Instagram?

Honestly, there is no default feature available to reverse audio on Instagram. However, if you are yearning to do it, here are some ways which you can use to know how to reverse sound on Instagram and grab your followers’ attention. You first need to download the content you want to reverse, and by using a third-party application, you can easily change the video’s position.

This blog will teach you how to reverse audio on Instagram reels and videos effortlessly!

How Do You Reverse Audio On Instagram? (Android and iOS)

Reversing your Instagram reels and video is currently in trend. And to make you part of it, here we are with a guide on how do you reverse audio on Instagram. Before you start with the guide, ensure to download these applications on your phone.

  • Video downloader on Instagram (To download the IG reel and video)
  • Media reverse (To reverse the video)

Let’s see how to rewind your video with these applications.

  • Open your Instagram and go to the reels.

instagram reels-steps-how to reverse audio

  • Here, tap on the three dots icon and copy the link of the reel or story you want to rewind.

copy the link-steps-how to reverse audio on Instagram

  • Go to the Play Store/ App Store and download the video downloader on your phone.
  • Paste the link in the box and tap on download.

download video downloader-steps

  • Once it is done, it will get the download within a second.
  • Now, download the Media reverse application on your phone to reverse the video.

download media reverse-steps

  • Open media reverse application.
  • Select the reverse video option and choose the video. 

reverse video-steps

  • Here, if you want, you can trim the video according to your need and tap on the tick icon. 

trim the video-steps-how to reverse audio on Instagram

  • Once you do it, tap on save video to download the video in your gallery!

tap on save video

This is how you can reverse and download Instagram reels. However, if you want to know how to reverse Instagram stories, you can do that too!

With Media reverse, you can quickly reverse any video available on your gallery. And it allows gives you the audio reverse option. So, if you have any audio recorded, you can try reversing that!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is There A Reverse Effect On Instagram?

No, there is no reverse effect on Instagram. Instagram used to have a rewind button earlier, but now it does not. And if you want to reverse any Instagram content, you must use third-party applications like Media reverse, Inshot video editor, Filmorago, etc.

Q2. What App Can Play Music Backwards?

Reversing videos and reels is not a complex task to do! You are required to put videos and reverse them. Here are the top tools you can use to rewind sound on Instagram.

  1. Media reverse
  2. Inshot video editor
  3. Filmorago
  4. Capcut

Q3. How To Reverse Sound On Instagram In 2022?

You won’t find any specific feature to rewind the video on IG anymore. However, you can still carry it off by using Instagram reverse tools like Media reverse, Inshot, Capcut, etc. You are good to go if you already have the video in your gallery! If you do not, use an application like a video downloader to get it.

Q4. Can I reverse Instagram Video For Free?

Yes, you can reverse Instagram video for free. But for that, you need to use applications that you can download from the play store or App store. Here you will need two applications. The first is to download the video in your gallery if you don’t have it, and the second is for reversing.

Q5. Where Is Rewind On Instagram?

We used to get the Instagram rewind feature on IG to reverse videos. However, sadly we lost this feature years back with IGTV. And now, to rewind any video, we are helpless to use Instagram reverse tools available online.


Yes, there is a way to reverse sounds on IG reels and videos even after Instagram has removed the rewind feature. And now you also know how to reverse audio on Instagram. So you can quickly reverse reels using the tools which we have mentioned.

You must download the video if you don’t have it already. And for that, you can use the Instagram video downloader application. Reversing videos and sounds on IG is in trend. Therefore users make it and ask their followers to discover the original sound. This is a great technique to keep your followers engaged with you.

To interact with your audience more, you can also try reposting your IG reel, which brought the highest engagement on your Instagram Page!