How To Do Instagram Collab Post In 2024?

Now you don't have to repost content on Instagram, thanks to the New Collab feature!

The Instagram collab post feature is all you need to collaborate with another person on the platform. You can now post a picture, video, or reel on IG in collaboration with another person, which means the post will appear on both feeds. Isn’t that amazing? The Instagram collaboration feature is the upgraded version of IG tags. As a result, creators and businesses are more discoverable than ever before, thanks to including both usernames in the post header.

In this article, you will learn everything about the Instagram collab post feature in detail.

How To Do A Collab Post On Instagram?

You can post on IG with another user using the Instagram collab feature. The process is simple. You send a collaboration invite to the other person you want to join a post with on IG. The post shows on both IG accounts if the other person accepts your collab request.

  • Open Instagram
  • Upload a photo/reel
  • Go till the end caption screen
  • Tap on Tag people
  • Select Invite a Collaborator
  • Search for the person you want to collaborate with. Tap on their username.
  • Publish the post.

Once the person accepts your invitation, the post will appear on both profiles.

Steps to Send a Collab Request On Instagram for the post:

Step 1: Select A Post/Reel To Joint Post On Instagram

Open your IG app and follow the usual steps to create a post/reel post. Then, edit the IG post/reel per your preference and click next until you reach the last caption screen.

Step 2: Invite A Collaborator

Write a caption for your Instagram post/reel, add music to your IG post, add location, etc. In short complete all the steps of creating a post on IG. Click on Tag people. Then, Tap on “Invite To Collaborate.” Then search for the name of the person you want to collaborate with.

You can invite any IG account, private as well as professional. Private Instagram accounts cannot send collaboration invites, but they can do a collab post when someone else invites them on Instagram.

instagram collab

After you tap on the name of the person you want to collaborate with, tap on add. You have now sent the collaboration request to a person on Instagram. Once the person accepts the collab request, the post will appear in their grid feed.

Note: You can collaborate with just one person in an Instagram reel/ post. And You can tag up to 20 people on your post/reel but collaborate with only one person.

Step 3: Publish The Instagram Collab Post/Reel And Wait To Accept The Request

The next step is to publish the IG post/reel. Click on the Share button. Until the collaborator accepts your collab request, the post/reel will only have your username in the header. Once the collaborator gets the Instagram collab request, the post/reel will also show up on their profile. Both accounts will receive the notification of someone liking and commenting on the joint IG post.

instagram collab feature

If the person rejects your collab request for an Instagram post, you won’t receive a notification saying, “XYZ has rejected your collab request.” But you will find out as the post will not have the collaborators’ username. But if the collaborator accepts your request, you get notified instantly, and your post is shared on two different profiles.

You cannot do an Instagram collab post from the browser version of IG. The option to invite collaborator can be found on the mobile app only for now (2024)

Instagram Collab post feature will save you time and is highly convenient, whether promoting a YouTube collab video preview, a new fashion collab, or calling out a business you love. Now you know how to invite a collaborator and joint post with someone on IG. But what if you forget to send a collaboration invite while posting the content?