What Is The Instagram Story Length?

Find out how long is the Instagram story video length?

Are you wondering what the Instagram story length is? You might say that your story stays only for 24 hours on IG, which is a public fact already! But we are not talking about how long the story is available for your followers to see. If you watch Instagram stories, you may feel like you are watching a bullet train! Once you start playing them, they just appear and constantly disappear in the blink of an eye! This tells us that there is a particular set time known as the Instagram story duration.

IG Story can be up to 15 seconds in length. But now, you can also share up to 4 Stories at a time to a maximum length of 60 seconds.

Instagram states, ‘Discover longer stories. Videos up to 60 seconds will no longer be segmented.’

In this guide, we will be discussing what Instagram story length in 2023 is.

What’s The Instagram Story Length?

Instagram story video length

IG Story Length For Images

If you see your friends have added a photo or meme to their story, you can watch it for 7 seconds. That means the IG story length for an image is 7 seconds only. If you want to avoid spamming your followers by uploading multiple stories with photos, you can add multiple pictures to one Instagram story.

Instagram Story Video Length

The Instagram story length for videos is 60 seconds. So even if you want to record and upload a video on Instagram, you can record a video only for 60 seconds. Previously the IG story length was only available for 15 seconds. Therefore if your video is longer than 15 seconds, then Instagram will cut your video into parts. For instance, if you are uploading a 60 seconds video on your IG story now, the entire video will be visible without cutting the video into 15 seconds. Previously Instagram story video length was divided into four parts. But now, the Instagram story length for a video is 60 seconds.

Now, if you already know the answer to the Instagram story music length, we wouldn’t be surprised! But if you have not done the math, we will answer that for you! Just like the IG story video length, the Instagram story music length is also 60 seconds. So if you want to add music to your Instagram story, you need to choose the song first and then adjust the part of the song that you want in your story.

Did you like a video that your friend uploaded and want it as well? One of the ways to get the video is to ask your friend to send the video. But imagine if you have your favorite actor’s IG story and you now want it; you obviously can’t DM them asking you to send it to you. But here’s another way to save the video from the IG story to your phone.

What Is The Instagram Post Video Length?

Instagram Post Video Length

Do not mistake IG videos for IG reels or Instagram live. They are all different.

The Instagram video post length is 10 minutes. But some verified accounts can post a 60-minute-long video! Since Instagram has removed IGTV now, it has extended the video length of the videos. Previously you could upload a video of 60 seconds only, like the current Instagram story length!

How do you post more than 1 minute on Instagram Stories?

You can choose a video that is more than 1 minute to upload on IG stories. Instagram won’t cut your videos in 15 seconds, and you will be able to upload the entire video to your stories. That means you can now post Instagram 1 minute story in 2023.

Can you post a 1 minute story on Instagram?

Yes, according to Instagram’s latest update, you can now post a 1-minute story on Instagram in 2023.

Now that you know the Instagram Story Length, you can record and upload videos accordingly. In some countries, the Instagram story duration is 60 seconds. But if it is still not available in your country, you must wait for IG to increase the IG story length. If you are unable to upload a 60-second video on your IG story, you need to update the latest version of the Instagram app.

You now know how long are Instagram stories. So you can record and upload a video of the updated IG story length.

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