What Is Quiet Mode On Instagram?

A new way to manage your time and focus with Instagram Quiet mode.

You probably might have heard of this killer new feature and wondering what is quiet mode on Instagram. It has launched a new feature that helps users set boundaries with their friends and followers. Once this feature is turned on, your profile’s activity will change, and people will know that you should not be bothered at the moment.

Let’s read more about what is quiet mode on Instagram and how you can use this feature to your advantage.

Instagram Quiet Mode- All You Need To Know

You can turn off the notifications using this feature and send an auto-reply when someone sends a DM to you. This enables you to focus on the tasks at hand rather than getting disturbed by every notification sound. When enabled, this feature updates your activity status on your profile and pauses notifications for the specified time frame.

It has been rolled out to users residing in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand and is hopeful to roll it in other countries soon.

According to the blog post from Meta, the goal of this feature is to encourage people, especially teens, to optimize their focus while using Instagram late at night. You can customize your Quiet mode hours that fit your schedule. Once this feature is turned off, it summarizes all the notifications so you can catch up with whatever you missed during those hours.

How To Quiet Mode On Instagram?

You can use this feature only if you are a user from the location where this feature is rolled out. Follow the steps below to enable the quiet mode on Instagram.

1. Open the Instagram app on your device and head over to Settings.
2. Tap ‘Notifications‘ in the menu.

Open Settings on Instagram
3. Tap the Quiet mode option, turn it on, and choose your preferred duration when enabling this feature.

Turn on the Toggle to enable Quiet mode

Once done, your notifications will be silenced, and an auto-reply will be sent to anyone who tries to message you.

This feature targets young users, who increasingly use Instagram as their prime messaging tool.

Apart from using this quiet mode on Instagram, users can also control the recommendations they see in their feeds. When you select ‘not interested‘ on a post in the explore tab, it will avoid showing you similar content in other tabs like searches and reels.

These added features in Instagram enhance the user experience with relevant content. It also provides more control over the time frame that you spend online. Read the latest updates about Instagram and make your feed recommendations better.

Now that you know what is quiet mode on instagram, you can try this feature and figure out a better way to manage your time on the world’s largest image and video-sharing platform.