Everything You Need To know About LinkedIn Showcase Page

Increase your business and brand awareness using the LinkedIn showcase page.

A LinkedIn showcase page allows the users on the platform to follow your brand without actively following your page. It is an extension of your business page on LinkedIn. A showcase page can only be associated with a parent page. Not every customer will have the same problems or be interested in the same information. If you force people to view the information they don’t want to, your network or engagement levels may suffer. By making a showcase page on LinkedIn, you can target your audience having a specific niche.

So today, here’s everything you need to know about the LinkedIn showcase page and the benefits of having a display page on LinkedIn.

What Is A Showcase Page On LinkedIn?

A LinkedIn showcase page is designed for businesses with different buyers and audiences. By dividing your corporate website into many display pages, you may provide specialized content tailored for specific audiences. The company may provide important and interesting material relevant to each item with the aid of showcase pages. This results in a clean digital environment where users can always find the material they want.

Benefits Of Having A LinkedIn Showcase Page

Now let’s see the actual benefits of showcase pages. We have listed four significant advantages you get from your business showcase page on LinkedIn.

1. Add a distinctive voice to your brand – You can display fashion and aesthetics that go along with the mission or narrative of your company on a showcase page. You also receive a clear focus on your goods and services with a sizable custom cover image and a description.

2. Improve engagement rates- A exhibition is quite interesting. That’s because your target viewers are exposed to their relevant material. Additionally, you can attract fans by removing irrelevant information from your page.

3. Drive traffic to your company page- Showcase pages are recommended in the results of LinkedIn searches. They successfully lead traffic to the business page, enhancing brand recognition. Additionally, you might direct viewers to your website or display pages.

4. Analytics – Each showcase page has metrics like corporate sites. As a result, you can determine how well your postings are doing and modify your LinkedIn approach as necessary.

How To Create A Showcase Page?

To build a showcase page, you must have a LinkedIn business page. Also, without a company page, also known as a Parent page, you cannot establish a showcase page. As a result, to build display pages, you must first select a company page if you don’t already have one. Additionally, it would be best if you had a personal LinkedIn profile to build a LinkedIn company page.

Finally, your company or parent page must have you as an administrator on LinkedIn. You won’t be able to make showcase pages until that time. So to avoid missing out on 30% higher chances of engagement on your business, you must follow the steps below to create a showcase page on LinkedIn.

1. Open your LinkedIn business page and log in to the page admin center. Make sure to sign in with the account you wish to be associated with your showcase page if you manage several accounts.

2. Click on the Admin tools menu.

Go to Admin tools and select create a showcase page

3. Enter your page name and your Linkedin public URL.

Enter the page name

4. Now add a logo and tagline. Click save after every step.

Enter the Tagline to showcase page linkedIn

5. Your showcase page should include buttons. For example, LinkedIn will automatically provide a Follow button for your parent page. Additionally, personalized buttons such as Contact us, Register, Sign up, Visit Website, and Learn More are available for selection.

Add buttons to your websites

6. Now, enter all the overview descriptions. The limit is up to 2000 characters.

Add descriptionlinkedin page showcase description

7. Next, enter the location. Depending on the requirements of your showcase page, you can decide whether to list all the locations or just the necessary ones.

Add locations for your showcase page

8. Select three hashtags for your page. These will appear in a widget on your showcase page’s right side. Additionally, you can showcase up to 10 groups on your profile.

Add Hashtags linkedin

9. Add a banner image to your showcase page, and That’s all!

showcase page is ready

Here Are A Few Tips To Keep In Mind While Creating A Showcase Page

To create a LinkedIn showcase page, you need to remember these ten tips, which will increase your page’s reach and engagement.

1. Only One Company Page May Be Linked To The Showcase Page

Only one parent page may be linked to a showcase page. For example, a LinkedIn page cannot currently be converted to a display page. Although it is an extension of the company page, the display page is distinct from it. Extended company pages are showcase pages.

However, they depend on company pages regarding followers, activity notifications, and performance metrics. Therefore, you cannot transfer followers from your company page to your showcase page.

2. Showcase Page Naming

One of the most critical steps in developing showcase pages is this. When selecting titles for several display pages, you must be highly cautious. These are the things you need to think about:

1. Create original names
Imagine that you have an idea for a name for one of your showcase pages. LinkedIn will alert you if another LinkedIn member company has registered this name. You will need to come up with an original character in that situation. You can use various combinations to create showcase page names. For instance, you might put your company name at the front or end of the word you came up with for the showcase page.

2. Search engine optimization for names

Make sure the titles of your showcase pages contain suitable search phrases. This facilitates the indexing of your showcase pages in search engine results.

3. Keep The Visual Aspect Powerful

Making just any image, your cover photo could turn people away. Make sure you pick a high-resolution, suitable image for your LinkedIn backdrop. Additionally, think about these suggestions to maximize your profile cover photo:

4. Use It To Communicate A Powerful Brand Message

Include a link to your website and any social media platforms. Then, put in a call to action. Additionally, you may use the strength of LinkedIn’s native videos to spread your content. Videos are more fascinating, memorable, and engaging than text-based material.

5. Get The Word Out

Would you like your LinkedIn showcase page to attract more followers? Request that your employees tell their LinkedIn connections about the page. You could include an invitation link to their email signatures at work to encourage visits. Additionally, you may expand your page’s audience by making announcements on your website and via email newsletters.

6. Deciding On Quality Above Quantity

You can make up to 25 showcase pages on LinkedIn. Showcase pages, however, are only helpful if you regularly publish insightful, current, and suitable information. Having several display pages might lead to laziness. As a result, having a few well-managed showcase pages is preferable to having numerous pages with little to no information to ‘showcase.’

Difference Between LinkedIn Page And Showcase Page

The following information is crucial to distinguish showcase pages from other LinkedIn pages visually.

  • The banner/cover picture on showcase pages is bigger.
  • For content posts, they use a two-column newspaper-style layout.
  • Businesses may promote themselves and purchase sponsored updates, unlike group pages.
  • There are no tabs for professions, goods, or services at the top of the page, like on company pages.
  • Back to the business page is the only direct link on showcase pages. This indicates that your pages are all focused on your business.
  • A showcase page cannot be linked to an employee profile.

Examples Of LinkedIn Showcase Page

Keeping track of how industry leaders use the showcase pages will make it simpler for you to create a successful display page. For example, some of the top LinkedIn showcase pages come from the businesses listed below.

1. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Photo Page

2. Microsoft

Microsoft Showcase page

3. HP

4. Cisco

Cisco showcase page

5. Salesforce

Salesforce page

How To Deactivate A Showcase Page On LinkedIn

Officially there is no way to remove a Linked showcase page. But here’s how, in 3 simple steps, you can disable a showcase page:

1. Select the page you wish to delete from the Me menu after signing in to your page admin center.

2. Select Deactivate showcase page from the Admin tools dropdown menu by clicking it.

3. Click Deactivate in the pop-up box to remove the page officially.

After following these steps, you’ll get a confirmation notification indicating your page was successfully deleted.

LinkedIn showcase page is undoubtedly a fantastic chance for community interaction and successful connection development, as well as for expertly tailoring information to the correct audience. In addition, the showcase pages might serve as a resource for product training, a FAQ forum, or a support center. Also, you can run ads on your LinkedIn showcase pages. Are you ready to showcase yours? Have you created any LinkedIn business showcase pages? If yes, how have they helped your company?