How To Get Snapchat++?

Know exclusive features of Snapchat++ and Snapchat plus to rock!

You must be wondering how to get Snapchat ++ as it isn’t available on Play Store or App Store. However, we have a technique to help you get the application on your phone.

To install Snapchat++, you need to change your phone setting and use the website. 

The most amazing thing about downloading this application is that you do not need to keep the official application on your phone once you download Snapchat plus iPhone and android.

And here is the complete guide on how to get Snapchat++ on your phone.

How To Get Snapchat++ Free? (Android)

This application is just like your Snapchat; someone needs to log into Snapchat++ with their Snap credentials. The platform supports both Androids as well as IOS. So you can avail the fantastic features after you install Snapchat++ on your device.

  • First, go to the settings and search install Unknown apps in the search bar.

Install unknown apps foe snapchat++

  • Once you get it and then again click on install unknown app.

Install unknown apps foe snapchat++123

snapchat++ Install unknown apps

  • Go to Chrome and give allowance to install unknown apps.

Chrome for Install unknown apps for snapchat++

  • Now, go to the chrome search engine and search in the search bar.

go to chrome to get snapchat++

search to find snapchat++

  • You will get an interface of many applications. So, scroll down to find and install Snapchat++ app.
  • Once you get it, tap on the “Install” button on the right side of the Snapchat++ row.

install to get snapchat++

  • Once you tap it, it will start downloading on your phone.

installation for snapchat++

How To Download Snapchat++ iOS?

After you know the steps to get Snapchat++ for Android, here are the steps to get it on iPhone.

  • Go to settings and tap on general.

select general

  • Click on background apps, refresh and turn on it.

background app refresh

  • Now, go to the battery and make sure your low-power mode is turned off.

  • Need to do one more thing, which is the App store setting, so go to the app store and turn on automatic downloads.

app store-automatic downloads

  • Finally, you can go ahead to download the snapchat++ application. So, now go to safari and search in the search bar.

_how to get snapchat++

  • You will get an interface of many applications. So, search or scroll down to get Snapchat++ application.
  • Now, tap on the “Install” button on the right side of the Snapchat++ option.
  • Once you tap it, it will start downloading on your phone.

What Is Snapchat Plus?

We undoubtedly feel good when accessing exclusive features like Snap chat plus. Now, if you are wondering what Snap chat Plus is, here’s the answer.

It is a monthly paid subscription on Snapchat, allowing users to enjoy the additional benefits and features it provides without restrictions. So, if you have paid subscription to Snapchat, you can put the features to good use. Here is the list of features of Snap chat plus:

  • Pinning your friend as your BFF to express your affection.
  • Give the Star symbol on your profile page to indicate that you are a subscribed user.
  • Allows you to see your friend’s location in the last 24 hours.
  • Shows who has rewatched your story.
  • Access to customizing your Snap chat icon.
  • Show orbit with your friends.

To enjoy Snapchat’s unique features, you must buy a subscription. The application is very flexible; you can buy a monthly subscription, six months, or a year. Well, you would be so happy to know that Snap chat plus also provides a 7-day free trial so that you can use it before and not regret the buying subscription decision later.

How To Get Snapchat Plus?

Snap chat plus has been launched in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Canada, France, United Arab Emirates, Germany, and New Zealand. People from these countries can go with Snap chat plus whenever they want.

To makes a premium Snapchat; you must follow a guideline to get Snapchat Plus.

  • Open your Snapchat app and make sure you are logged in.
  • Go to the profile page at the top-left of your screen.

profile page to get snap chat plus

  • After that, click on the Snap chat plus icon.

snap chat plus icon

  • Choose your preferred subscription and pay for the same, and you are done!

subscription for snap chat plus

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you know if someone has Snapchat plus?

To know if your friend has a Snap chat plus, you can go to their profile page and see if they have a badge on their profile. It would be like a star within a greyish-black circle. If they have a badge, it means they have Snap chat plus.

Q2. How much is a premium for Snapchat plus?

Snap chat plus is currently charging 3.99$ for approx. For a month, 21.99$ for six months, and 39.99$ for a year. Out of them, you can choose whatever you want based on your budget and preference.

Q3. Is Snapchat plus on Android?

There is no restriction on devices; Snap chat plus is available for Android as well as IOS users.

Q4. What is Ghost Trail Snapchat?

The ghost trial is a feature that helps paid users track their friends’ location, like where they have been in the last 24 hours; they can see that. However, you can only follow them when they have given you access to their location.

Q5. How to get a seven days free trial?

To get a 7-day free trial, you must go to your profile page and click on the Snap chat plus icon. Once you click it, you will be asked to choose your preferred subscription, and at the bottom of the screen, you will see a 7-day free trial option.

I hope we succeeded in guiding and explaining how to get Snapchat++ free on your phone. With the help of this application, you can take full advantage of the exclusive benefits. You can pin your friend on the list and see your friends’ stories, videos, friends’ last 24 hours’ location, etc. You get ease after you install Snapchat ++ on your phone when you want to take extra benefits.