What Is Quick Add On Snapchat?

Everything you need to know about the Quick Add feature on Snapchat!

You must have seen an option to Quick add on your Snapchat app when you go to the Add Friends section. Wondering what is Quick add on Snapchat and how it works?

The Snapchat quick add feature is similar to the Suggested people feature on Instagram. The Snapchat AI suggests a list of accounts that you may like to know based on several factors like mutual friends, similar preferences, physical proximity, location, etc. With just a tap, you can quickly add new people to your Snapchat and grow your network on the platform.

In this article, we will discuss what is quick add on Snapchat, how Snapchat’s Quick Add works, and also a guide to help you get rid of Quick add on Snapchat so that random strangers can’t add you on Snapchat.

What Does Quick Add Mean On Snapchat?

Quick add on Snapchat means precisely what the name suggests.

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You can add someone on Snapchat with Quick add feature quickly. The quick add section suggests people you might know and can add on Snapchat. All you have to do is tap on ‘Add’ button next to the user to add a friend on Snapchat. If the Snapchat profile is public, you wouldn’t need to wait for the person to accept your Snapchat request; you can instantly start chatting with them.

Where is Quick Add On Snapchat?

The quick add section appears when you go to the Add A Friend screen on Snapchat. Now that you know what is quick add on Snapchat, here’s where you can find the quick add on Snapchat iPhone:

  • Open Snapchat app.
  • Tap on the Add Friends icon at the top right section of the screen.
  • Below the Added Me section, you will find the Quick add section on Snapchat.

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You can either add the person from Snapchat’s quick add or hide it.

How To Add Friends On Snapchat?

Snapchat allows users to add new people in more than one way. You can add friends on Snapchat in 4 ways other than the Quick add way. They are as follows:

  • Using Username: You can search for a user’s username and send them a request to add you as a friend on Snapchat. But in this way, you need to know the unique Snapchat username of the person.
  • From Contacts: If you have saved the contact number of someone on your phone and they are on Snapchat and have enabled the setting that allows people to add them with their phone number then you can add them on Snapchat directly from the contacts section. All you need to do is go to Add Friends<Tap on Contacts(It’s above the Quick add section)<Find the name<Tap on “Add.”

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  • Using Snapcode: Snapchat has a unique snapcode allotted to every user that signs up on Snapchat. Anyone who scans your Snapcode can see your profile and add you as a friend. There are two ways to use the snapcode way to add a friend on Snapchat.

So to add someone on Snapchat with snapcode you need to download your snapcode and share it with the other person. The other person then needs to open their Snapchat app<tap on Add friends icon<Then tap on the snapcode icon next to the search bar<select the image of the snapcode<tap on Add as a Friend.

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  • Using Snapchat URL: You can share your Snapchat profile link with people to let them add you on Snapchat. All you need to do to add someone on Snapchat using the profile link is tap on your bitmoji<tap on the share button<select copy profile link option.  

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  • Add Friends By Mention: If you view a story on Snapchat and that has mentioned another snapchatter then you can quickly add them on your Snapchat. Just swipe up on the featured snap and tap on Add.

However, all these ways to add friends on Snapchat work when you know who you want to add. But Quick add on Snapchat is different. Here’s how:

How Does Quick Add Work On Snapchat?

People suggested in the Quick add section are people you may know according to Snapchat’s algorithm. These are people you may miss out on adding to your Snapchat if it were not for the Quick add section. These are friends of friends, colleagues you aren’t close with, distant relatives, or people who visit the same places as you. So if you are wondering how Snapchat’s quick add suggests friends then keep reading:

  • Mutual Friends: The most common friendship suggestions on Snapchat’s quick add are mutual friends. If sam is your friend and Kate is Sam’s friend, then you might see Kate in your Snapchat’s Quick add section. You can see how many mutual friends you have with the person below their username.
  • People with similar interests: If you often engage with fashion content on Snapchat, then Snapchat recommends people who have similar tastes in your quick add
  • Location: If you were wondering, “Is Snapchat quick add based on location?” then you won’t be too off base here. Snapchat does suggest friends based on location in your quick add. If you visit a place often and some other person does the same in a similar time frame, then you might end up in their quick add and they in yours!

These are just some factors that Snapchat takes into consideration while suggesting friends on Quick add. It can be “n” number of things that determines who ends up in your quick add list. You can sometimes find out why you are seeing a friendship suggestion in your Quick add. You can see “3+ mutual friends” below the username of the person in your quick add list, “In my contacts” or “recently joined.” This indicates why this suggestion appeared on your Snapchat Quick add.

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While Quick add can be helpful in discovering new people on Snapchat and growing your network on the app, it can be quite annoying sometimes. Random people might add you on Snapchat from their quick add. Random Snapchat adds are troublesome as strangers adding you on Snapchat isn’t a piece of happy news for people who like to keep their circle private on social media apps.  So what to do if you don’t want to be on others’ Quick add.

How To Get Rid Of Quick Add On Snapchat?

The good news is that you can get rid of Quick add on Snapchat and thus stop random strangers from adding you on Snapchat. It’s a simple process that involves you changing a simple Snapchat setting. Here’s how you can get rid of quick add on Snapchat and ensure you don’t show up in other people’s quick adds:

  • Open Snapchat app.
  • Tap on your bitmoji.
  • Tap on the settings icon in the top right corner.
  • Under the Privacy controls, Tap on ‘See Me in Quick Add.

How To remove yourself from quick add-snapchat

  • Disable the settings to stop random strangers from adding you on Snapchat.

How To Get Rid Of Quick Add On Snapchat

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Add Someone Without It Saying Added By Search?

If you don’t want the other person to know that you have searched them on Snapchat, then you can save their contact number on your phone, and then add them from the contacts book on snapchat. This way, when you add them on Snapchat, it will say “added by contacts.”

Q2. Is Snapchat quick add based on mutual friends?

Yes, mutual friends are a factor that determines who you see in your Quick add section. However, mutual friends are not the only factor that is taken into consideration. You might get a friend suggestion on Snapchat that you have no mutual friends. So quick add is not completely dependent on mutuals.

Q3. How To Get More Adds On Snapchat?

If you want more adds on your Snapchat, then the best thing you can do is get really active on the platform and increase your snap score. Snapchat will then boost your reach and frequently show your profile in more Quick adds.

Q4. How Do You Tell If Someone Added You By Quick Add On Snapchat?

Yes, you can find out if someone added you by quick add on Snapchat. Tap on the bitmoji of the person and you can see it below their username if they have added you by search or quick add.

Q5. How Do You See Your Hidden Friends on Snapchat?

You can see the quick add requests that you have hidden by following this step:

  • Open Snapchat app.
  • Tap on Add friends icon.
  • Tap on the three dots icon in the top right corner.
  • Select Hidden Requests to view all your hidden friends on Snapchat.


Now that you know what is Quick add on Snapchat, prevent random strangers from adding you on Snapchat. You can also utilize the Quick add on Snapchat to grow your following and network on the snap-sharing platform.