How To Add Spotify Widget?

Switch to the next song from your home screen!

If you want to access music easily while you’re traveling on that crowded metro train, you will want to know how to add Spotify widget. Since this application has a user-friendly interface, it also allows you to choose the widget according to your choice. You can choose a shortcut that displays the current song you are listening to or a larger widget that covers up the artists, playlists, and albums.

So if you’ve already made up your choice, let’s further understand how to add widget on your mobile or desktop.

How To Add Spotify Widget On iPhone?

With iOS 14, you can now add widgets to your iPhone. Here’s how you can now add the Spotify shortcut to your home screen:

1. Unlock your iOS device and long tap on the empty place on your iPhone’s screen.

2. Once all the apps on your device start shaking, you must tap on the plus icon that appears on the left corner of the screen.

Spotify widget

3. Now, you must scroll down to find the Spotify widget.

Spotify widget on ios

4. You can also choose the type of widget you want to add as a shortcut on your iPhone’s widget on ios

5. Once you select the one you want, tap add widget.

6. Finally, tap ‘done’ on the top right side of the screen.

add Spotify widget to iphone

How To Get Spotify Widget? (Android)

Getting a Spotify widget on your Android device is simple too. Make sure you have the Spotify app on your phone. Once it’s installed, you can follow these steps:

1. Unlock your android phone and long tap on an empty part of the screen.

2. Select the ‘widgets’ option.

3. Scroll down and spot the Spotify widget.

add widget on android

4. It will only offer you a ‘4 x 1’ widget. Now you must long tap on the widget and drag it to place it anywhere on your phone’s screen.

5. The widget you just placed will display the song you are currently listening to. You can now play, pause, rewind, or forward through the songs if you choose the specific widget. If you want to visit the Spotify app, you can do so by tapping on the song on the widget.

6. Once you have placed it, finally, tap done.

get spotify widget on android phone

Many apps have been allowing you to add a widget to the home screen, and Spotify isn’t different! So you can now keep your favorite song or playlist handy once you know how to add Spotify widget. So now you do not have to open the application to repeat a song or loop a playlist; you can do it from your home screen.