How To Edit TikTok Videos?

Edit your TikTok video now to make it enjoyable and interesting to watch.

If you are a creator, you would want to know how to edit TikTok videos most amazingly so you can entice your followers. You also get various editing tools within TikTok to make your videos entertaining and fun to watch. But if you aren’t happy with the available tools, you can also use third-party editing tools.

Honestly, no matter whether you are the creator or the user, if you create TikTok videos, you must know how to edit TikTok videos at least to maintain your TikTok page. Here is the complete guide to edit your videos using tools the platform offers or a list of online tools.

How To Edit Videos On TikTok?

edit tiktok video

You aren’t restricted to using any TikTok editing tools, so it will be great to use them instead of online tools. Here is the complete explanation of each tool you can use to edit your TikTok videos.

1. Use Effects To Edit TikTok Video

You get the effect option next to the red recording circle. So, you should go to the effect and choose the one you prefer.

2. Record a video

After you choose the effect, long-press on the red circle on the screen to record the video. Before recording the video, you must select the video’s time limit. Initially, you could record the 60s, 15s, 3 minutes long video. But now, since TikTok has exceeded the time limit, you can post videos anywhere between 60 seconds to 10 minutes. You can also use the Timer to record hands-free video.

3. Trim The TikTok Video

While recording a video, if you capture something insignificant, you can easily remove it by adjusting the clip. There’s a red slider to edit Tiktok videos. With this, you can adjust the video’s length to your preferred size. Finally and tap on the save option that appears at the top.

4. Use Transitions

If you are confused about which transition to use, you must refer to the trending TikTok videos. The most popular transitions we know are the jump cut and a finger snap transition. You can use both to create and edit TikTok videos. However, these transitions are used differently. In the jump cut transition, you have to add two clips, like a clip after a clip, but in a finger snap, you can add multiple clips in a single video.

5. Use Hashtags, Add stickers, And Text

After creating a video, you can add relevant hashtags so that your video is discoverable easily. Besides this, you can also use stickers and add captions to your TikTok video. So, if you make some informative or inspirational video, you must add subtitles to your videos to make it easier for your audience to understand. You can add the caption manually or use the auto-caption feature.

How To Edit A TikTok After Posting?

After uploading your TikTok video, you suddenly notice an embarrassing moment that you should have cropped out! But unfortunately, TikTok doesn’t allow you to edit the uploaded videos! The only thing you can do is delete and repost it.

How To Edit A Draft On TikTok?

If you have a busy schedule, you would have drafted a TikTok video to upload later with a few clicks. But before you post it, if you want to edit a draft, here are the steps:

  • Open the TikTok application.
  • Go to the profile icon.
  • You will see the draft videos within your uploaded video, tap on draft.

find draft tiktok

  • Select one of the drafts and continue editing.
  • Once you do it, tap on the post. 

edit tiktok video

Now that you know how to edit TikTok videos before and after uploading, you can make them cheerful and entertaining to watch using the methods mentioned. To make it more fascinating for your viewers, you can create a duet TikTok video with your favorite influencer to be noticeable and grow your TikTok page.