How To Clear Twitter Cache?

Delete the data to make your Twitter account work splendidly.

Deleting caches on Twitter is a good practice if you want your application to work fine. But many users need to learn how to clear Twitter cache. If you are one of them, don’t worry! Getting rid of the cache is straightforward. Caches help you load Twitter content faster than the first time, making it easily accessible offline.

Here’s the complete guide on how to clear Twitter cache on your phone and desktop.

How To Clear Twitter Cache On Your iPhone?

Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t have a clear cache thing on the application. But the user can delete media storage and enable the data saver to keep the cache files at least. Here’s how to do it:

1. Open Twitter and head to your profile icon at the top-left corner.


2. Now, go to the setting & privacy option to visit the data usage page.


3. Select the media storage option, and tap on clear media storage to delete the cache on Twitter.


4. Once done, it’s time to enable the data saver. Return to the data usage page and tap on the box at the top next to the data saver option.


You don’t get the clear cache option on your web version and desktop application. So if you want to improve the functionality, you can delete the media storage on Twitter. The steps of deleting the cache on the desktop are similar to the iPhone with a different interface.

Steps To Delete Cache On Twitter For Android

Clearing cache on Twitter keeps your application from lagging and application, not working issues, and creates spaces for other things. Follow the guide to clear the cache on Twitter.

1. Open your phone and long-press on the Twitter application.

2. Select the App info option and tap on internal storage/cache.


3. You will find the Twitter cache option. Tap on it.


Once you do it, it will clear cache on Twitter within a second.

How To Delete Twitter Search History?

Everything you do on the application gets stored as a cache file on the application. So if you want to keep your account away from serious issues, you can do it just by doing small things like clearing your Twitter search history.

1. Open the Twitter application on your phone.

2. Navigate to the search icon at the bottom.

3. You will find the recent searches option. Tap on the cross icon next to it to clear cache on Twitter.

Here you got to know how to clear Twitter cache on your different devices, so what are you waiting for? First, delete the Twitter data to run the application smoothly. If deleting the cache doesn’t work, you can also sign out on Twitter and log in again to see if the application works effectively this time.