How To Mute Words On Twitter?

How to Mute Specific Words and Hashtags on Twitter. (Android/iOS/PC)

Twitter has provided an impressive feature like muting words to keep your timeline away from inappropriate words. And, of course, you would have heard about this feature and wondered how to mute words on Twitter. If that’s right, don’t worry this blog explains everything about muting terms.

The platform has introduced new ways to mute words on Twitter to combat this menace. And to mute those words, you must visit Twitter’s settings and privacy and add the words under the mute and block option.

Blocking words will remove them from your timeline until you want them back. Here’s how to mute words on Twitter for your phone and desktop.

How To Mute Twitter Words? (Android/iOS)

To know how to get rid of obscene or inappropriate words on Twitter, you must try these steps!

how to block words on twitter

  • Open the Twitter app for your phone and tap on the profile icon at the top of the screen.
  • Go to settings & privacy and tap on privacy and safety.
  • Under your Twitter activity, tap on Mute and block.
  • This window allows you to manage the accounts, words, and notifications you’ve muted or blocked.
  • To block certain words on Twitter, tap Muted words and the plus icon on the bottom right.
  • You can mute any word, phrase, username, or hashtag.
  • Here, enter the keyword you wish to mute, then select where you want to mute this keyword from.
  • Twitter allows you to block the word from your home timeline and notifications.
  • Twitter allows you to mute words on Twitter for a minimum of 7 days. So, you can decide the duration according to that.
  • Once done, click on the Save option in the upper right-hand corner.

Note- you can mute one keyword at a time. There’s no upper limit to the number of keywords you can block.

To edit a blocked keyword, tap the word and change mute time, among other settings. You can go ahead and delete the word to unmute it from your Twitter account.

How To Block Words On Twitter? (Desktop)

Muting words on Twitter for desktops is as easy as on smartphones. Here’s how to mute words on Twitter!

how to block words on twitter

  • Go to the URL, sign in to your account, and tap the three-dot menu on the bottom left.
  • From the side menu, click settings & privacy; under privacy and safety, click Mute & block.
  • You will see the same overlay menu as you saw previously on Android/iPhone.
  • Click muted words to see the ones you have muted, or block new words as per your choice.
  • Click the plus icon on the top to add a word to the muted words list.
  • Next, enter the word or phrase you wish to block, select duration, mute from among other settings, then hit save at the bottom.

Similarly, you can block accounts, mute accounts, and even mute notifications. These options are easily accessible under the privacy and safety settings. (Android/iOS/PC)

Tips To Mute Words On Twitter

Now you know how to mute words on Twitter. However, muting a particular word isn’t enough when you want to avoid the complete concept from your timeline. Instead, you must look for the terms related to that and must mute. For example, suppose you are avoiding some news currently brewing internet, like political assassination or crime. In that case, you must select all the words and mute them not to get related news on your Twitter feed.

How Many Words Can You Mute On Twitter?

Under Mute and block, you can mute your words, accounts, and notifications. The best part is you aren’t limited to muting words; you are free to block as many words as you want. However, you can mute one word at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you mute certain words on Twitter?

Yes, you can do that, and to know how to mute words on Twitter, you must follow the steps mentioned!

  • Open your Twitter account on your phone.
  • Go to its setting & privacy and tap on privacy and safety.
  • You will see the mute and block option; tap on it and find the words you want to mute.

Q2. How do you mute on Twitter in 2023?

Suppose you encounter inappropriate words on your Twitter account and wonder how you mute them. All you need to do is, visit your Twitter page, and under the quiet and block option, add the words you don’t want to see on your account page.

Q3. Why are muted words still showing on Twitter?

After muting the word, you might not select the “From anyone” option if you still get those words on your screen. So go to your Twitter page, and choose the option. Because if you don’t, you will continuously see those words on your Twitter account even if you added them to the block list.

Q4. Is it better to mute or block on Twitter?

Well, it depends! If you have an issue with the word popping up on your account, you don’t want others to see it on your phone, too. So it would be better to mute or block the word.

Q5. Are explicit words already muted or blocked on Twitter?

Twitter does not block any words on Twitter. However, if something unsuitable happens in the future, Twitter will most likely take action against it.


Keeping yourself away from toxic elements is a dire need todays. And in such a digital space where communication is the only row for engagement, muting unwanted activities becomes more crucial. We hope you’ll be able to know how to mute words on Twitter with ease using this guide.

Here you learned how to mute or block words on Twitter, and if likewise, you want to know how to block someone on Twitter, you can check our website anytime!