How Accurate Is WhatsApp Last Seen?

This is how WhatsApp last seen works!

Whatsapp last seen helps you know when the user was last active and they are currently online. So when you are active on the application and like to stalk someone’s status, you can go to your setting to check it out. But the question is, how accurate is this feature? This blog will tell you everything about whatsapp last seen and how error-free it is! 

How Precise Is WhatsApp Last Seen?


The last seen status on WhatsApp is very accurate for someone to rely on. So if someone has not hidden their last seen status, you can see their status quickly in the settings.

But users sometimes get confused and wonder if the status is accurate. Even if WhatsApp’s last seen is correct, you can see the wrong status information in some conditions. Check out the following list to know what they are:

1. Don’t have a stable internet connection.

2. User has hidden their last seen status under the privacy setting.

3. You haven’t saved the person’s contact number, or the person hasn’t saved yours.

4. User has hidden their last seen status, especially from you.

5. User has blocked you on WhatsApp.

Steps To Hide WhatsApp Last Seen

Now that you know how much accurate WhatsApp last is, you can hide it anytime using these steps.

1. Open your WhatsApp, and go to the three dots icon.


2. Tap on settings, and select the privacy option. 
hide whatsapp-last seen

3. Now tap on last seen and online. Next, hide the last seen on WhatsApp, choose the nobody option, and you are done!

online status-steps-wa

Can Your WhatsApp Show Online When You Are Not?

Yes! If you are offline but have your mobile data on, your whatsApp can show you only even when you are not. In this case, you can use WhastApp’s new online status feature that shows you offline even if you are active on the application. Yes, you heard that right. Try this feature and hide your online status now.

How To Know If Someone Is Pretending To Be Offline On WhatsApp?

Since the platform has launched the new online status feature, almost everyone’s pretending to be offline, even if they aren’t. However, there’s no way to figure out if they put this feature on. The most you can do is ask the person directly if they hid their last seen.

The platform is accurate about everything, including WhatsApp last seen. So you don’t need to worry if you are receiving the right information. Because the application also tells you the exact time and date when the person was last active. If you don’t want someone to see your last seen status, you can simply hide it or block the person on WhatsApp.