How To Send Long Videos On WhatsApp?

Unable to send high-quality, long videos on WhatsApp? Don't worry, we have a way out.

Are you having trouble sending large videos to your family and friends on WhatsApp? Well, you have landed at the right place. We have covered everything you need to know about how to send long videos on WhatsApp without compromising on its quality in a smooth and seamless manner.

So, let’s start with the basic details before we dive deeper into the topic.

What Is The File Size Limit For Sharing Videos On WhatsApp?

The maximum file size limit for sending a video over WhatsApp is 2 GB. While it used to be 16MB in its earlier versions, it was increased to 2 GB in the May 2022 update of WhatsApp. So, if your video file size is under 2GB and in a compatible format, you can easily send long videos on WhatsApp.

How To Send Long Videos On WhatsApp- Method 1

You can send large video files in a documented format on Whatsapp. This method works well for both Android and iOS devices. All you have to do is sift through the files in your device’s internal storage and share the files you wish to send on Whatsapp. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Chat Conversation

Open the Whatsapp application on your Android or iOS device and go to the chat to whom you wish to send the video. Tap the ‘Attachment‘ icon and select ‘Document‘ instead of Gallery.

Open WhatsApp Chat

Step 2: Go To Internal Storage

Navigate through the documents and look for the video file you wish to share from the internal storage section.

Select Internal Storage

Step 3: Select The Specific Long Video

Select the video you wish to share and tap send. Once done, the long videos you selected will be sent in a document format without compromising on their quality.

Send Long Videos On WhatsApp

Send Long Videos On WhatsApp- Method 2

You can also send long videos on WhatsApp using a shareable link created through Google Drive. Google Drive has become the go-to choice for online data storage and sharing purposes across the world. It is also one of the best options for sending large video files on WhatsApp. In case you use an iOS device, you can install the Google Drive application from the app store.

Follow these steps to send long videos on WhatsApp using the Google Drive link.

1. Upload the desired long video file to Google Drive.

2. Click on the file and look for the ‘Share‘ option, which should be present in the top right corner.

3. Click on ‘Get Shareable Link‘ in the top right section of the ‘Share with others‘ option.

4. Set the accessibility restriction to ‘Anyone with the link.

5. The file link is copied to the clipboard. Open WhatsApp, go to the chat to whom you want to send the video, and paste the link.

The receiver can click on the link, and they will be redirected to the desired file through their Google Drive.

Send Long Videos On WhatsApp Using DropBox Tool

Dropbox is a convenient tool that makes it easy for you to transfer long video files on WhatsApp without compromising on its quality. You can easily send files up to 2 GB or more using a shareable Dropbox link. If you want to send video files without having the need to upload them to cloud storage, you can use Dropbox transfer to send files up to 100 GB.

Follow these steps to send a video on WhatsApp using Dropbox

1. Upload the video in the ‘Dropbox app‘ on your iOS or Android device.

2. Create a ‘Shared link‘ using the Share option.

3. Copy and paste the link in your WhatsApp chat and tap the ‘Send‘ icon.

Supported Video Formats For Sending Files On WhatsApp

WhatsApp is highly compatible with various video formats, particularly for those recorded on a smartphone using the default camera app. The most common video formats that can be easily sent over WhatsApp include the following:

  • MP4
  • FLV
  • 3Gp
  • MKV
  • MOV
  • AVI
  • H.264 and MPEG-4 using the AAC or AC3 audio code

In case you have videos exported from video editing platforms, you can face some issues in sending such videos, depending on the export settings of the tool. In such instances, you are left with no choice but to compress the video file size and then send it on WhatsApp using the document format.


This was all about how to send long videos on WhatsApp using the top 3 methods. Depending on your need, you can choose any of the 3 ways suggested above to send large-size videos on WhatsApp. However, an advantage of using cloud-based sharing links is that you get complete control over who can see your video and what they can do with it. However, you can also protect your media files using WhatsApp’s Lock Feature. Try these methods and let us know in the comments section how convenient were they in sending long videos to your friends on WhatsApp.