Best Educational YouTube Channels

Let us look at some of the best educational YT channels in 2023

YouTube has tons of channels that can upgrade your skills in any field. If you are a student searching for the best educational YouTube channel to prep for your exams, you are in the right place. As a student, you may face difficulties in exploring channels as it is one of the largest video-sharing platforms. But don’t worry, here we have mentioned some of the best educational YouTube channels that have covered topics of different fields in a wide variety.

Which Are The Best YouTube Learning Channels?

YouTube learning videos are fun, engaging, and informative. So, whether you want to learn about programming, the science behind food and cooking, or learn more about wildlife, there are YouTube educational videos for everyone. A significant part of the top educational YouTube channels is that most videos are organized into a playlist for easy access and understanding.


One of the first educational YouTube channels is TED. It is a motivating and inspirational channel. So, suppose you want to watch uplifting videos by various tech founders and other notable people. In that case, you can take inspiration from them and learn something about leadership or business.


This is one of the best educational YouTube channels for adults as well as kids because it has animated videos that are entertaining and informative. Most videos are 10 minutes, perfect for holding the kid’s attention for the short video formats.


This channel was founded in 2011 and is a science-educating platform. There is much to learn on the channel, from how the pyramids were built or how hidden technology transformed bowling. There are various science topics for enthusiasts, like physics and chemistry.

Crash Course

As the name suggests, a crash course is indeed considered YouTube teaching videos for crash courses on various subjects like climate, literature, world history, philosophy, ecology, etc., and many more. They have produced and uploaded crash courses on 45 different topics. With 14.7 million subscribers, they know how to keep the viewers hooked on to their channel, making them one of the best YouTube channels for general knowledge.

PBS Kids

If you are looking for educational YouTube channels for 5-year-olds, then your search has ended with PBS Kids. With various animated videos and characters of Daniel Tiger and Arthur, kids can be fascinated to learn about their neighborhood and animals and even learn how to read.


Again, this is one of the educational youtube channels for 2-year-olds and even college-going students. The channel is based on practical learning. For example, students can focus on learning maths with projects or have fun with arts to support learning in teams and be more collaborative.

National Geographic

I am sure all of you must have watched the national geographic channel at some point. It is one of the top educational YouTube channels that are well renowned and respected by adults and kids. Teachers often show the national geographic YouTube in the classroom various videos on Penguins, royal Bengal tigers, or nature and culture of multiples things.

The Financial Diet

One of the finest financial, educational YouTube channels is the financial diet. They cover a wide variety of topics like inflation, budgeting, and ways to save money are interesting for the young generation who are struggling to make ends meet and surviving to save some extra.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has the best educational videos on YouTube, which are helpful for teachers for research and even students. This channel can be referred to by students from all age groups, from kindergarten to high school. They have a separate educational YouTube channel for 5-year-olds called the Khan Academy Kids.

Common Sense Education

This channel is great for kids and young teens to understand the upside and downsides of technology and appropriately use the internet. With the help of these YouTube learning videos, children can distinguish between private and public information sharing on social media platforms and other important topics like cyberbullying and copyright issues.

We have mentioned some of the best educational YouTube channels, which are entertaining and informative for kids and adults. These are some of the best YouTube channels for general knowledge where you can learn about science, history, maths, and finance. Also, find out the top 50 YouTube channels around the world.