How To Watch YouTube Shorts on PC, Tablet and Mobile?

Where is the option to watch YT shorts on desktop version of YouTube?

Short-video platform is taking over social media content at an astronomical rate. What started with TikTok has now taken over Instagram, Facebook, Netflix and even YouTube. While the names may differ, reels and YouTube shorts are essentially the same! So now the question that persists is how to watch YouTube shorts on PC like on mobile.

Short video platforms have been popular among smartphone users since the launch of TikTok. Following in the footsteps of Instagram Reels, Google has added its own short video option to the YouTube app. It’s called YouTube Shorts! (Yes, short videos are called shorts on the platform… very creative)

It’s available on mobile apps, but earlier, it wasn’t available so easily on the desktop version. However, that has now changed. You can easily watch shorts on YouTube.

Here are a few ways how to watch YouTube Shorts on PC or tablet as well as your mobile phone.

4 Ways To Watch YouTube Shorts On PC

Watch YouTube Shorts on PC

Go To Left Navigation Menu Bar To Watch YouTube Shorts

This option to watch YouTube shorts has been recently added. You can tap on Shorts option from the left navigation menu and open a separate YT shorts feed. It’s similar to the shorts feed on your mobile YT app. Shorts videos keep playing one after the other. The feed is customized based on your activity on the platform, ensuring we spend maximum time on YouTube scrolling through the shorts as we do on Instagram reels feed!

steps to find shorts on yt

Search #Shorts To View Shorts On YouTube On PC

Another way you can see YouTube shorts on the browser is by searching #shorts in the search bar. A list of shorts will appear on the search page; click on a shorts to open the YouTube shorts page. You can scroll through the other shorts once you have watched the YouTube shorts you clicked on.

use hashtag shorts on pc

Find Specific YouTube Shorts Using Search #shorts + Specific categories

This way of viewing YT shorts is similar to the above-mentioned process. Instead of just searching #shorts, you can get more specific and search for a particular category of YouTube shorts that you are interested in browsing through.

For example, Search #shorts + fitness for watching fitness-related YouTube shorts.

find shorts on youtube laptop

Use Search Filters To View YouTube Shorts On Laptop

When you search #shorts, all the YT shorts uploaded with the hashtag appear on the results page. If you want to only view the latest shorts videos on YouTube then you can use the filters option to filter out the older YouTube shorts videos.

youtube short platform video

How To View YouTube Shorts on Mobile App?

Watching YouTube shorts on the YouTube app from your mobile phone is extremely simple. But for those of you who need a step-by-step guide, here is a guide to help your watch YouTube shorts on a smartphone:

  • Open YouTube app
  • Tap on the Shorts icon at the bottom of the screen

That’s it. Enjoy watching shorts on YouTube.


Watching YT shorts on PC has become quite easy and straightforward as the viewership of Shorts has grown tremendously across all devices. YouTube has made it fairly easy to locate and browse through its shorts video feed. You can find the shorts section in your left navigation bar or you can search #shorts in the search bar to view shorts videos on YouTube. Learn how to upload YouTube shorts from Pc and the hacks to crack the YouTube shorts algorithm to capture the massive shorts viewing audience.

Now that you know how to watch YouTube shorts on PC, you don’t have to keep switching between your phone and laptop while researching or working.