What Is YouTube Studio?

Here's YouTube studio to make your life easier.

As an artist or a creator, you should know what is YouTube studio. Creators can manage and grow their channels and interact with fans using the YT creator studio. You must be acquainted with YouTube Studio’s capabilities to expand your presence and improve your video marketing approach.

If you think that’s all to YouTube creators studio, hold on. We are here to tell you in detail about what is YouTube studio and how to use it to grow your channel.

What Is The Purpose Of YouTube Studio?

As mentioned earlier, YT Studio is a place where Youtubers can manage and optimize their channels. It gives you insights into your channel’s performance. For first-time users, the YouTube creator studio dashboard can get overwhelming. So below, we have explained the YT creator studio dashboard in different sections for your better understanding.

YouTube studio how to use

YouTube Studio Dashboard

So if you open YT creators studio, you will see the YT studio. Dashboard with all your video analytics and an overview of your channel. Here you can upload videos and edit the thumbnails of your videos. You will also see a menu on the left sidebar. You can create a video or go live on YouTube using the create button on the top right. Next, you will see the settings icon on the bottom right, where you can manage the settings of your dashboard and YT channel.

YouTube channel Dashboard

 YouTube Studio Analytics

We have briefly explained all the tabs, which will give a general idea about each tab in the YouTube creators studio.

channel analytics

  • Content

You will find the videos uploaded on your YouTube channel and the live streams here. In addition, you can see the restrictions, views, likes, dislikes, and comments for each video and live stream.

  • Playlists

You can find the playlists you have created for videos on your YouTube channel. You can see each playlist and also view the video count in every playlist. To keep your channel structured for your viewers, use playlists. They make it simple for your subscribers and visitors to find and watch the videos they are interested in on your channel. Simply choose ‘Lists’ and then ‘New playlist’ to start creating your playlists.

  • Analytics

Here you will see the complete analysis of your YT channel. Let’s divide channel analytics into 4 different sections:

1. Overview- You can see your YouTube channel’s real-time views, watch time, and subscribers in the last 28 days.

2. Content – For all the videos you have uploaded in the last 28 days, you can increase or decrease the date you want to view them.

3. Audience-  This will help you to know who has viewed your YT channel. You can find all audiences visiting your channel, including your subscribers. There are different demographics like age and gender, the approximate time your audience watched your content the most, and other channels your audience watched.

4. Research – Here, you will find what your audience likes to watch on YouTube; accordingly, you can plan your content strategy.

There is another option of Advance Mode on Youtube creator studio. You can find the analysis of every aspect of your channel in detail. Once we have gained an overview of your channel, it’s time to look at the creatives and how you can manage them in the YT creator studio.

YT Channel customization


All the comments on your videos and channels will be shown here. You can reply to the comments here. In addition, you can choose how to filter comments that viewers make on the videos or channels using YouTube Studio. You can allow any remark, requiring moderation before publication, or shutting them down altogether.


You can add subtitles to your videos. Also, your subtitle drafts and published subtitles will be viewed here. You should include subtitles in the languages of the markets you wish to expand into and the nations where your brand already has a presence to strengthen your video marketing plan and help your content reach people abroad.


Here you can request copyright violation of your videos on your Youtube channel. You can submit the request by entering the details asked, and YouTube will take action against those who have used your content without your necessary permission.


Find the revenue you earned from your YouTube channel. You will need 1k subscribers and 4000 watch hours on your channel or 10 million views on YT shorts within 90 days to be monetized on YouTube.


This is where you control and play with the creatives for your YT channel. Customization has 3 different sections, which are as follows:

1. Layout- You can upload a trailer on your YouTube channel for the new subscribers or upload a feature video.

2. Branding- Set or change your profile and banner pictures here. You can also upload your YT channel watermark.

3. Basic Info- Here, you can write the general description of your channel. You will find the link to your YouTube channel. In addition, you can add links to your other social media platforms. Also, you can add your business email here.

Audio Library

Here you will find different audio and sound effects licensed by YouTube that you can use in your videos without worrying about copyright violation. In addition, you may download free sound effects and music for your content, even videos you’ve made money from, by visiting the audio library page in YouTube Creator Studio. Although you are not required to give credit to the author, doing so is always polite and can help you expand your channel by demonstrating your willingness to work with others and be open with them.

Where Is YouTube Studio?

There are two ways you can access YT Studio on your device, which are as follows:

  • You can download the YouTube Studio app from the app store. Or,
  • Use YouTube to access YT Creator Studio on PC and Mac.

What Are The Things You Can Do In YouTube Studio?

YouTube Studio is only for you if you want to improve your video marketing approach. You must be aware of all it offers to benefit from it fully. Here are a few of YouTube Studio’s most significant features.

Manage Your Different Channels

If you have several accounts, you can quickly switch between them by checking in and clicking on your image in the upper right corner of YouTube Studio. YouTube Studio only enables you to monitor the account you are now signed into. You will have the choice to modify your account on a pop-up menu.

Edit Your Videos Instantly

You may use YouTube Studio to edit, upload, and schedule the release of your videos for a particular day and time. Even though it lacks sophisticated editing features, you can still conduct basic editing with it, such as adding cuts, merging frames, adding a final screen, blurring, video components, or audio.

We advise using your computer to upload movies, even if you may do it using the mobile app. But first, go to the ‘Create’ tab in the top right corner next to your profile image to upload.

Hide Your YouTube Channel

It will take some time to produce enough material to pique your audience’s interest in your account if you have only recently started your channel with only a few videos. It is, therefore, better to conceal your channel until there is sufficient content. First, go to the ‘Settings’ panel in the menu to accomplish this. Next, click ‘Channel’ and ‘Advanced options’ after that. You may then remove or make your channel private by choosing ‘Remove content from your channel.’

Access To The Latest News In The Market

The YouTube Studio news channel is called Creator Insider. You may get up-to-date details regarding the platform’s newest features for YouTube Studio and, in general, right here. We advise you to check it periodically to ensure you don’t miss anything.

We have covered everything about what is YouTube studio. However, if you are new to YT and want to keep track of how your channel works, you can easily navigate through different sections of the YT creator studio. In addition, you do not need any third-party apps to track your growth on YouTube. YT creator studio truly is an all-in-one package for the creators. This also helps you to keep a close watch on the list of subscribers, so you can make strategies according