How To Find Friends On Apple Music?

Find and vibe with your friends on Apple music!

Where you need to use other social media platforms to share music with your friends, you can now share it within the application. All you need to know is how to find friends on Apple Music. The platform lets you find your friends and follow them to listen to their playlists.

So get ready to share the playlist you have made and follow the guide on how to find friends on Apple Music.

How To Find Your Friends On Apple Music?

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This application is a great way to interact with your family and friends and share your favorite songs. But, unfortunately, when we want to share some music with our people, we often download it or suggest them verbally. But not anymore. Here are the steps to find your friends on Apple Music quickly.

  • Open your Apple Music application.
  • Go to the magnifying glass at the bottom.

tap on search icon to find friends on apple music-steps

  • Search for the person you want.
  • Once you do it, you will get the person on the result page.

go to friend's profile apple music-steps

Once you find your friend on the platform, you can see what songs they are listening to. And if you like any of them, you can also download songs on Apple Music.

How To Find People On Apple Music?

After sneaking into your Friend’s playlist, you must know their profile to know what others are into. Check out the steps to find people on Apple Music:

  • Launch your Apple Music app, and go to the search icon. 

tap on search icon to find friends on apple music-steps

  • Type the first name of the person.
  • You will find an option below your search box. 

search friend-steps

  • Swipe right on the slide and tap on the profile to find friends.
  • Here, you will get different people.

friend profile-apple music

How To Follow People On Apple Music?

Since the platform let us find and follow our friends, let’s check out how we can follow people on Apple Music.

  • First, open your Apple Music app and go to the search icon.

tap on search icon to find friends on apple music-steps

  • Type the person’s name in the search box you want to follow.

top playlists-search friend

  • Below the search box, go to the profile option.
  • Here you will get different results, and you can follow the people!

profile-find friends

  • Open their profile and tap on follow button.

follow people-apple music

See, it was that easy to do!

How To Unfollow Someone On Apple Music? (In Case You Want To Know)

Sometimes, we regret connecting with people and seek a chance to unfollow them. And if you are on the same page, check out the steps to unfollow someone on Apple Music:

  • First, open the app.
  • Next, go to the profile icon.
  • Next, tap on your profile name.
  • Now, go to your friend’s profile.
  • Once you do it, tap on the following button.

Why Can’t I Find Friends On Apple Music?

You can’t see your friends on Apple music for many reasons. First, your application wouldn’t be updated, so update the application. Also, check your restriction and music profile settings on your phone.

How To Find Other Peoples Playlist On Apple Music?

To find other peoples playlist on Apple Music, you must follow these steps:

  • First, go to the person’s profile, and tap on the profile photo. 
  • Once you go under that, you will see their shared playlist and the songs they are currently listening to.

Once you know how to find friends on Apple Music, you can share your playlist with them anytime. Not just your friend’s playlist, but you can also transfer your Spotify playlist to Apple Music. You must do it because using one platform is better than two.