What Are Dank Memer Commands On Discord?

Dank Memer to enhance your Discord experience to different level.

Bots become handy when you have more than one server. They handle and perform various tasks on your behalf, like replying to the group members, blocking them, making announcements, etc. However, you may not need bots to handle your Discord server once you know what are Dank Memers and their commands.

This bot is just like the other bot but with better functionalities and games. This blog will explain everything about Dark Memers commands and its feature to make your Discord life easier.

What Are Dank Memers Discord Bot?

Dank Memers is a famous bot that lets users perform various tasks within the server, including creating and posting memes, blocking people, and playing games like gambling, blackjack, robbing banks, etc. This bot is extremely popular amongst the Discord server and has an active community of users.

Dank members are often used to having fun and interacting with other users within the server. Some of these bots allow users to work together to achieve shared goals and earn virtual currency by accomplishing tasks and participating in activities. Then, they use the currency to purchase virtual goods and services on Discord.

Steps To Invite Dank Memers Discord Bot

After you know what Dank Memers is, if you want to invite the bot to your server, here’s how you can do it.

  • First, look for the dankmemerlol.com website on your search engine.
  • Scroll down the website and click on the invite now button to add a dank member bot on Discord.


  • You will see a pop-up asking you to choose the server you want to add the dank bot to and click on the continue button at the bottom.


  • On the next page, you must grant the following permission to the bot on your server.
  • Once you do this, click on authorize button. Solve the captcha, click on verify, and you are done!


  • Navigate to your server to see the welcome message with its command explanation of the Dank Memers on the server.

How To Use Dank Memers Bot Commands?

Now that you have already invited the Dank Memers Discord bot to your server, it’s time to look through its commands. Once the bot joins the server, it sends you a welcome message with the proper explanation of commands. Check out the image attached below for a complete understanding.


Dank Memers has different categories like config, currency, fun, games, misc, images, and utility. These commands allow you to take part in different activities and make your Discord journey easier. We were amazed to see what these commands can do, and so you will be. Ensure to see the / symbol with whatever command you enter so it will function effectively.

Config Commands

Config adjusts the bot itself. It includes alert, audit, block, disableuse, flow, serversettings, and settings.

/audit- This command shows the log with the user’s name who made changes at the end.

/alert-  This command helps the users to look through the last alert made by the bot.

/block- As the word says it all, this Dank Memers command lets the admin block and unblock users and also shows the list of all blocked users on Discord.

/disbleuse– This command allows users to block some items within the server.

/flow- This lets the users use their new flow system, which makes the grinding easier.

/serversettings- This is for managing the bot-specific server settings.

/settings- It is used when admins need to manage the bot-related server settings.

Currency Commands

Currency has different commands like achievements, advancements, adventure, badges, compare, daily, farm, highlow and the list goes on and on. Whatever the other command currency has, all are in alphabetical order, and you will find the commands till the letter W. You can explore all of them on the Dank Memers Discord bot site page.

Fun Commands


Under Fun, you will see four commands. They are 8 balls, clap, rate, and lastly, xkcd.

/8ball- You can ask a question using this command to 8ball.

/clap- This is used to say whatever you want with sass!
/rate- This command is used to rate a user.

/xkcd- You can view a comic from xkcd.com using this command.

Games Commands


Just like fun, games also have four Dank Memers commands on Discord. It includes fights, games, trivia, and wagers.

/fight- To fight with other users.

/game-To play a game with other users.

/trivia- This command lets the user answer some trivia to win some trophies.

/wager- This command is like gambling, where you bet on games with other users.

Misc Commands

Misc has only one command, and it’s called ping.

Images Commands


This is especially for users who love to share images and memes on the server. You get three different commands like animals, memes, and also a separate “image” to generate pictures. So if you want images of any animal, type /animals in the text box, and it will show you the options like aww, foxy, ducc, redpanda, ferret, goose, hootyboi, etc. These are different quote options for different animals. You need to look for the one you want.

So wasn’t it cool knowing about Dank Memers? You do not need to hover over Discord to accomplish your goals. Through the Dank Memers bot, you can pull it off with just a command. With that, the bot lets you create and share your memes and play games like slots and mystery. If you browse a bit online, you will also find other amazing bots for your server, like rhythm bots which provide interesting features and a wide array of music sources to your server.