How To Rate A Seller On Facebook?

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Facebook is more than just a social media platform; now, it lets you do window shopping. If you want to review a salesperson after your first purchase with FB marketplace, you must know how to rate a seller on Facebook. Reviewing plays a significant role as it helps other users understand the seller’s credibility and generosity.

This guide will explain why you should review and how to rate a seller on Facebook in detail.

How Do I Rate A Seller On Facebook Marketplace On iPhone?

Facebook only lets you review when you have interacted with the sellers and made a purchase. By doing so, FB protects other users from getting misled by fake reviews. Here’s how you can review a seller on Facebook marketplace iPhone.

1. Open the Facebook application, and make sure you are already logged in. Navigate to the marketplace icon at the top.

facebook app-marketplace-steps

2. Tap on the person icon on the right side of the screen and head to all buying activities.

3. If you do not see the buying activities, tap on the index box on the screen.

seller marketplace-fb-steps

4. Once you do it, you will see the seller marketplace chat on the screen, tap on it and select more options to rate a seller on Facebook.

rate a seller on facebook-steps

5. Tap on rate seller, choose the star rating, and then the submit button at the bottom.

review salesman-submit-facebook

How To Rate Seller On Facebook On Desktop?

Rating a seller on the desktop is similar to your phone. Here’s the step-by-step guide.

1. Head to Chrome/Safari on your computer.

2. Search for and log in with your FB credentials.

3. Click the Marketplace icon at the top between the videos and group icons.


4. Now go to the inbox icon on the left panel and click on the buying options.

seller marketplace-indox-fb

5. You will see your purchase list. Click on one you want to rate a seller on Facebook. You will see your chat pop up with the seller. Hover to the more options, and click on the rate seller options.

review salesman-fb-steps

6. Review the seller with the stars, select one option from the “What went well?” options, and click the submit button at the bottom.

Why Should You Review A Seller On Facebook Marketplace?

Reviewing a salesperson is significant, as leaving a review of your experience will help buyers decide whether to buy from the same dealer. However, it’s not just beneficial for the purchaser. It goes both ways, as it also aids the seller in identifying in what area they need to improve to attract more customers to their marketplace. Giving an honest review on Facebook is always suggested so the seller can keep a beyond-comparing service to win the customer’s trust.

Can I Change My Rating After Reviewing Seller On FB Marketplace?

Facebook marketplace allows you to edit and change your rating within 14 days of submitting it or after someone else has submitted their review. So if there’s something you want to add to the rate of a seller on Facebook, you must do it within a given period or wait for someone to add their review.

Reviewing on Facebook makes the platform credible and reliable as the platform does not just allow the buyer to review the seller but the seller to review buyers too. Now that you know how to rate a seller on Facebook, spread your honest review on that platform to let the buyers choose the dealer wisely.