Best Lights For Vloggers On YouTube

Get these tips to choose the best lights for vlogging on YouTube

Light for vloggers has become a crucial element to up their game on YouTube. To improve your content creation skills and deliver better videos to your following, professional tools like better lighting and higher-resolution cameras are of paramount importance. Since vloggers are always on the go, they need lights that are portable and lightweight. However, there is no need for dramatic lighting; sometimes, just better lighting options help film videos in difficult lighting rooms.

Use this blog as a guide to understand why investing in a better light for vloggers is ideal. Remember, for vlogging, the key is to be natural. Choosing lights that are fitting with your purpose and setup will only elevate your vlogging game.

How To Choose The Best Lights For Vloggers?

Best Lights For Vloggers On YouTube

Here are some tips for choosing the best lights for YouTube videos. Mentioned below are some of the essential aspects that you must focus on when getting a new light for vloggers.

Get the basics

Understanding your basic needs will help you elevate your filming experience. No doubt this will solve loads of issues. If you are traveling and vlogging, you won’t always need lighting equipment. Natural sunlight or the background lighting of the place would be enough for you. But investing in good lights becomes more useful if you vlog from your home or have a setup.

Ring light for YouTubers is often enough in most cases. However, if you want to crack the professional code of filming, you can go ahead and invest in a 2-point or 3-point light setup. Make sure you get the basic lighting needed for yourself.

Choose the light best for you.

As we said before, understanding what kind of lighting is best for you is crucial. Understanding the color temperature and brightness based on the room or place you’re filming in will give you a clear picture of what works best for you. The drill here is to understand your needs and choose the lights that fit the best for you.

If your setup is small or more compact, you don’t need to invest in large LED panels like the ones required for a studio setup. If you’re a vlogger who films travel vlogs or day-to-day updates on your life, a handy ring light or LED light that is attachable to your phone or camera is enough. As for most circumstances, you wouldn’t use it, but nighttime filming can improve with its use.

Choose lights based on brightness.

Lights come with different lumens that differentiate the levels of brightness. Most lights come with 800 lumens which gives brightness similar to a 60W bulb when compared. Brighter lights have 1500 lumens or above, which gives the brightness of a 100W bulb.

Adjusting the brightness to make it look more natural is what many YouTubers do. The best lights for vloggers are the ones that fit an accurate level of brightness.

Important specifications in light for vloggers

When investing in lights for vlogging purposes, you must keep in mind some important specifications. One must consider these specs while buying new lights for vloggers:

  • CRI – Colour Rendering Index or CRI rating of lights is an important thing to keep in mind. This rating will tell you how true to life the light color will appear. This is extremely important for fashion or beauty vloggers as this will help them achieve accurate skin tones. The higher the CRI rating is, the better the lights are for vloggers.
  • Color Temperature – The light’s color temperature is another factor you must consider while buying new lights. Too cool or too warm is always considered lousy lighting. The best light for vloggers must have flexible temperature settings with a good range to adjust.
  • Portability – Vloggers often have to move around as they do not necessarily film from one place. Buying lights that are portable and easy to handle would make filming easier for you. Lights that are compact and flexible can be used from different angles.
  • Budget – Lastly, remember there are many options in the market that will fit your budget, so research well. You don’t have to invest in expensive options necessarily. Light for vloggers isn’t the main object of concern. So invest thoughtfully.

Best Light Options For Vloggers On YouTube In 2023

Based on our little research, we have curated and picked some of the best light options for vloggers.

G1S Portable RGB Video Light 

This is the best light for vlogging, with a 12W rechargeable battery. It is small and portable and comes with 12 light effects. Looking for cheap lighting for YouTube? This is it! With USB C  charging port, this light can be moved 360 degrees when mounted.

Elgato Ring Light

Elgato’s Ring Light is one of the top-rated ring lights in the market. The LEDs on this piece are installed in the frame of the ring. With a large diameter ring and a CRI of 94, this light perfectly gives out enough soft light to give that natural look. With 2500 lumens brightness and an impressive color temperature range, this is the best ring light for YouTube.

Logitech Litra Glow

This is a lightweight, compatible, and affordable option in the market. This can be easily attached to any PC and is very useful for online streaming. This is USB chargeable device, and its compact size gives out great natural lighting.

Rotolight LED Ring Light Kit

This is a light for vloggers who travel or film on the go. This light is portable, battery-powered, and can be easily connected to any camera or smartphone. This petite ring light gives a brightness of 1000 lumens and has a CRI rating of 91.


The best kind of light for vloggers is the one that suits their purpose. Lighting has become an important aspect of elevating your content creation game in the world of social media. If you’re wondering how to look good on YouTube, then choosing lights that fit your use changes the quality of your videos. This will indirectly affect your overall following and help you gain more subscribers, as more people will be interested in watching your videos.