How To See Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace?

Now you can see the hidden information of seller anytime!

Facebook marketplace is a great place to get a product at an affordable price. But at the same time, it can also be a little annoying if you don’t know how to see hidden information on Facebook marketplace and contact the seller via FB Messenger. To access the unseen info, you must use the mobile version of the Facebook app, as it shows the contact information of an individual, but in some cases, the mobile version doesn’t show either.

This blog will walk you through the complete guide on how to see hidden information on Facebook marketplace on both mobile and desktop.

How To View Hidden Information Facebook Marketplace?

Contact infos are usually unrevealed, so hackers, spammers, and non-account holders cannot take undue advantage of it. But the marketplace with no confidential information becomes futile for the actual customer as they cannot make the purchase. Here we have mentioned two ways to view hidden information on Facebook.

Method 1: Use The Facebook App On Mobile

Seeing the hidden information using a mobile phone is relatively straightforward here how you can do it:

1. Open Facebook and head to the menu icon at the bottom.

open facebook-menu icon

2. When you tap on the menu icon, you will see the different options on the screen. Tap on the marketplace in the menu that appears.

facebook marketplace-fb

3. You will see the hidden information text in the description. Select the share option, and choose the copy link option.

see hidden information-facebook

4. Navigate to your phone’s browser, search for, and log in with your Facebook credentials.

facebook-login details-hidden info

5. Head to the search icon and type out the product name.


6. Choose the product page, and tap to open it. You will see the number details on the screen.


Method 2: Desktop Version Of Facebook To See Hidden Information

Since Facebook doesn’t show the seller’s contact details on the page, and the process to but the product is too long, the user’s experience gets hindered. But here’s a workaround that will help them make the process easier. So to see confidential information on Facebook, you only need to visit and type it on your desktop browser. The site is considered the mobile version of Facebook on your desktop. Here’s the guide:

1. Copy the name of the product you want to buy.

copy the product name-fb

2. Visit the page and navigate to the search icon.

view hidden information-facebook

3. Type out the product name or search for it directly.

search-product name-steps

4. Open the product page and see the number on the screen.

see-contact information-fb

Why Facebook Marketplace Hidden Information?

Hackers, spammers, and bots mostly use a computer version of the website to scrape contact information. And to keep the information safe and confidential, Facebook hides the data on the web version of the marketplace. But it makes the information accessible on your mobile phones. It also helps Facebook understand the difference between the actual buyer and bots, as someone who genuinely wants to make a purchase will contact the seller via Messenger.

Viewing unseen data on the platform is super easy. Now that you know how to see hidden information on Facebook marketplace, you can delete the messages from both sides if you try to contact them on Messenger.