All About Top Fan Badge Facebook

This guide will help you get the top fan badge soon!

While scrolling on Facebook, you would see a yellow badge next to the username of users. This badge is given to a handful of people on the application. If you are determining what the top fan badge Facebook is and why users are getting it, you are in the right place! These badges are awarded to certain people on Facebook to stand out amongst others. Viewers get it from their favorite creator.

Here’s everything you need about a top fan badge Facebook and the guide to get it next to your username.

What Is Facebook Top Fan Badge?


Top fan badges are a feature on Facebook provided to the biggest fan of your favorite creator. The top fan will be decided based on who is super active on the creator’s Facebook page and valuing and participating in every event organized.

How To Get Top Fan Badge On Facebook?

Getting the top fab badge on Facebook can be challenging for you as a follower. You have to perform multiple tasks to get your favorite creator’s attention. Here are some tips to get a yellow badge beside your username.

1. Like Every Post Of Your Favorite Creator


You must be in your favorite creator’s eyes to get a Facebook top fan badge. Liking each post will help you be in your creators’ eyes and recognized by them. This is the best way to draw attention to you.

2. Interact In The Comment Section


Commenting is one of the ways to interact with your favorite creator than a chat box, where you can truly get their attention. You can adore the person by sharing your thoughts about them there and win their heart to get Facebook top fan badge.

3. Share The Posts With Your Friends

They won’t know if you just share your creator’s work on other social media platforms. Ensure to tag the creator to let them determine you as a top fan. This is a great way to draw the creator’s attention to you.

4. Watch The Whole Videos


Viewers mostly skip watching the video if they don’t find it interesting. But you must watch the complete video if you are a real fanatic. Watching videos won’t help you get the FB top fan badge on Facebook, but sharing those videos on other social media platforms will certainly help you get in focus.

5. Wait To Get A Notification Of Top Fan

Once you do all these diligently, Facebook will believe you are a top fan and notify you to submit a request for a badge. So sit tight and wait for the badge to come next to your Facebook username. Cheers!

How To Enable Top Fan FB Badge?

By any chance, if you are a creator who wants to know who is your top fan, here’s how you can discover.

1. Open your Facebook brand page.

2. Go to the setting menu, and choose the Facebook badges option.

3. Press the toggle button to turn on the FB top fan badge, and you are done!

This was all about the top fan badge Facebook that you needed to know. So whether you are a creator or follower, you can use the guide above to get your favorite creator’s badge anytime.