How To Edit YouTube Videos On iPhone?

Edit your YT videos now!

If you are a YouTuber who wants to make changes to your video before making it live, you must know how to edit YouTube videos. It’s natural for new creators to be cautious about their videos all the time. So don’t worry. There are multiple ways to refine your videos. You can use the in-built editing tools from your iPhone or a credible third-party tool. This blog will walk you through the complete guide on how to edit YouTube videos on iPhone using these methods.

How Do I Edit YouTube Videos On iPhone In 2023?

Checking your videos and making changes before posting is good practice when you want to grow your channel. The process of editing YouTube videos is relatively straightforward. There are two techniques to edit your YT videos on iPhone. You can either use the iMovie application or in-built photo editing features. Here’s the step-by-step guide on both.

Method 1:  Use The iMovie Application

iMovie is a free professional video editing tool that lets you make fundamental changes to your YT videos.

1. To edit YouTube videos, head to the App Store and download the iMovie app. Search the application and tap on the “Get” option next to it.


2. Once the application is downloaded on your iPhone, open it and select the + box on the screen.


3. You will see a pop-up asking you to choose between a “movie” and a “trailer.” Select the “Movie” option.

4. Movie option will direct you to your iPhone gallery. Choose the clip you want to edit, and tap the “Create Movie” option at the bottom. Here you can also select multiple video clips.


5. If you have selected multiple videos in the wrong order, you can simply drag the clip and drop it in the front or back. 

6. To trim YouTube videos on iPhone, look for the “Trim icon” (it looks like scissors) at the bottom-left corner.

7. First, press on the clip from which you want to cut out the footage and tap on the “Split” option at the bottom. This process will split the video into two, and you can delete the unwanted one by pressing the delete option at the bottom.


8. To control the clip’s speed, tap the “Gauge icon” next to the scissors icon. Speed up your video or slow it down by swiping on the slider.

9. The next option you have is text. You will see text with different fonts and sizes with transitions. Press any text option and type in your content.


10. The last editing feature you have effects. iMovie has loads of filters and effects. You can choose the one according to the feel of your video.


11. iMovie also offers a “zoom-in and out” feature. So if you want to zoom in on a particular scene or object, just tap on the clip and then head to the magnifying glass on the right-hand side at the top. Zoom in like you usually would do on your iPhone.


iMovie offers some additional features to edit YouTube videos like professionals. You will see the “+ icon” on the screen while editing your video. Head to the option to see the additional features like audio, albums, camera, voiceover, files, backgrounds, etc., to modify your video like a pro.

Method 2: Use The In-built Editing Feature

1. Open your “Photos” application on your iPhone, and choose the videos you want to edit on YouTube.

2. Tap the “Edit icon” at the bottom and edit the video.

3. After editing the video, tap the “Done” option. Your video will be ready to go live.

How To Edit YouTube Videos On iPhone Free After Uploading?

YouTube, fortunately, lets the YouTuber edit YouTube videos before and after uploading. However, it won’t let you make significant changes like adding text, filters, replacing the music, etc. The max you can do is edit the titles, descriptions, tags, and privacy settings. Editing on the big screen is always more convenient than doing it on a small iPhone screen. So while using the in-built YT editing tools to make changes in your video, ensure to use your computer.

Knowing how to edit YouTube videos on iPhone is different from the desktop. But you can also use YT’s in-built editing tools if you want to make basic changes to your video.