Top 15 Best History YouTube Channels

Here's the list of history channels you will love!

If you are one of the students that cannot concentrate in their history class and constantly look out the window, you must know the best history YouTube channels to get back on track. Since YouTube is one of the biggest knowledge-sharing platforms of different genres, finding channels to simplify history topics is like looking for needles in a haystack. But don’t worry. This blog has laid out the best history YouTube channels that will make history topics enjoyable.

Top 15 Best History Channels On YouTube For History Lovers

Countless history channels create amazing videos of past events. So there’s a guarantee that whatever you search, you get on YouTube. Listed below are some of the best History channels on YouTube.

1. Epic History Tv


Epic History Tv creator Toby Groom talks about the history and the significant events that changed the world. And since he posts only one video a month, it makes viewers curious to know more about the videos. They even have a store on YouTube where they sell merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, and map posters.

2. History


You might know this history channel already, as it’s a division of A+ E Networks. This channel has covered everything from ancient wars to ancient lost recipes. You just name it, and they already got that covered.

3. AlternativeHistoryHub


Alternative history hub entices to predict the possibilities that never have happened. They do not just teach you the entire subject but also create curious questions in you with their explanation.

4. Weird History


Weird History shows the chronicle of this subject that youths are never taught in their class. Unlike other history YouTube channels, this has covered the study of crystal Pepsi, gout, and Victorian-era pastimes, which are just as weird as it sounds but filled with unexpected facts.

5. Historia Civilis Best YouTube Channels


Historia Civilis has covered the history of Romans. So if you are interested in Ancient Rome, this channel could be the best source. From the Roman senate to the invasion of Gaul, History Civilis will take you through everything.

6. House Of History


House of History is one of those YouTube channels surrounded by affairs related to invasions, wars, kings, and every battle. They have covered the conflicts and wars you might not have heard about in your history classes.

7. Tasting History With Max Willer


A former Disney employee, Max Willer, created the Tasting History during their pass time in a pandemic. It turned out this channel is now his full-time gig, where he’s recreating recipes from ancient Rome to England and other places through the channel.

8. The History Guy’s Best YouTube Channel


It’s hard to narrate a part of history in just 5-10 minutes. But that makes this channel unique for all the history lovers out there. The videos are uploaded on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so mark the days not to miss any videos.

9. Feature History


Feature History is another YouTube channel with topics related to wars and conflicts between regimes. It not only covers the topic from history but also events like Saddam’s repression of the Iraqi people.

10. Kings And Generals


As the name says, this channel is one of the best YouTube history channels that talk about events related to kings and generals. It includes battles, politics, wars between regimes, etc. They prefer uploading videos twice a week.

11. The Great War


This channel is a great place to learn about all the great wars in history. It won’t just explain the war details but will share everything that happened in the era. So if you want to know how wars and related events have changed the world, The Great War channel is what you need.

12. Overly Sarcastic Productions YouTube History Channels


Overly sarcastic productions is a channel that covers history’s most controversial and dark topics. From history maker Plato to H.P. Lovecraft, you will find stories about all interesting historical figures.

13. Over Simplified


Longing for a teacher who can simplify history? No teacher can be better than the OverSimplied. This is a perfect channel as they create animated videos, which makes the concept exciting and easy to grasp for learners.

14. The Armchair Historian


The Armchair Historian provides the 10-30 minute best-animated videos on various history topics. But even though the video length of videos is usually long, viewers still watch them for the interesting topics covered and fantastic animation.

15. Timeline-World History Documentaries


This is one of the best history channels documentary YouTube for historians. The timeline has organized the best shows and documentaries from prominent news channels like BBC, Channel 4, PBS, Discovery, etc.

We have narrowed your search to help you find the best history YouTube channels quickly. Since YT recommends videos based on what you watch on the platform, it would be better to know how to reset recommendations. You will see history video recommendations on YouTube otherwise.