How To Add Multiple Links To Instagram Bio?

Here's how you can add multiple links without using Linktree.

Since the time Mark Zuckerberg has taken over Instagram, we have been encountering new features every now and then. In a recent announcement, Instagram has rolled out some amazing features. One of them is “Adds external links,” the most requested feature of all time that lets you add multiple links to your Instagram bio without using any third-party tool. This blog has laid out the complete guide on how to add multiple links to Instagram bio. You can use Add External Link feature and add up as many as links you want.

How To Add Multiple Links To Instagram Bio?

The add external link feature is available to all accounts. In case you cannot see it, you must check if you are using the latest version of Instagram and update the app to get the feature. You can add multiple links to Instagram bio the same way you add your single links. Here’s the step-by-step guide to know how you can do it.

1. Open the Instagram application and head to the profile icon at the bottom right.


2. Navigate to the edit profile option next to the share profile option.

3. You will see the links option under the bio. Tap on it and go to the add external links option. If you have already added a link, you will see the links option instead of the add external links.


4. Tap on the add external links and paste the link you want to attach to your Instagram bio. You also get the option to add your Facebook profile link to your Instagram link.


Why I Can’t See The Add External Links Feature?

This feature is available in all countries to date. However, you must update your Instagram application if you don’t see the feature on the platform. The other reason why you cannot see the feature is that you are not using the latest operating system version. This means that the feature is more likely to be seen on phones with updated software.


Users with the old version only see the feature on the application and are allowed to add a single link.


How Many Links You Can Add To Your Instagram Bio?

Instagram users now are able to add up to five links to their bio. Once it is added to your bio, it piles up under your edit profile settings. The links are easily accessible to all your followers with a click. It displays links as it’s shown in the below image.

zoom in effects-tiktok

Wasn’t it as easy as posting a single link on IG? Now that you know how to add multiple links to Instagram bio, pool up all your social media links and add them to your bio to grow your other platforms. IG team has also rolled out its new application, Instagram Threads, which is already the hot topic of the round table. So if you want to keep yourself updated with all the new updates, here’s all the IG update 2023 you need to know.