Is Instagram Threads Actually A Privacy Threat?

Does Threads collect sensitive information?

While some users are still figuring out the meta’s Threads application, we have encountered something that would let you question your actions. Instagram Threads have launched in almost more than 100 countries except for the European Union as their privacy concern put the release on pause. This article will tell you the flaws seen in Instagram Threads by the EU and the reasons behind them.

What European Union Has To Say About Threads From Instagram?

Meta has already been barred from transferring Facebook user data from the EU to the USA and fined almost 1.3 $ billion. However, the conflict was soon solved by signing a political agreement. After this incident, there’s no way the EU is ready to accept other Meta apps.

Threads hasn’t been blocked yet by Ireland’s data protection commission, but Meta still couldn’t launch its new application due to the EU’s strict privacy policy.

List Of Policy Threats European Unions Sees In IG Threads

1. It is claimed that Threads from Instagram could collect sensitive Information that includes your sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, trade union membership, politics, religious belief, and pregnancy status. Yes!

2. Apparently, Threads collects data about your web activity. It means that the application could access your browsing history, web page interactions, and other details and transfer the data to other countries.

3. Some sites also say that Threads collects your personal data like contact details, photos, videos, and also IP address based on the location.

When the Instagram Threads has generated 30 million users in less than 24 hours, Twitter responded with a threatening tweet that accused Meta of scraping Twitter’s data. Later the former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also tweeted about Thread’s private data requirement. Here’s what he tweeted:


So every data linked to you may be collected and shared with third parties.

Important Note: You Can’t Delete Your Instagram Threads Account.

Yes. Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to delete the application altogether, whether you have created an account by importing your Instagram data or created it manually. If you want to get rid of your thread account, you are required to delete your Instagram account as well. The only thing you can do is deactivate the Threads to keep your IG account.

Even if Instagram Threads has received multiple acquisitions, Meta has different things to say. You can read through the IG Threads privacy policy in detail here, which states that it collects and uses your Information to provide a personalized experience.