How To Fix Instagram Not Working?

Here are easy methods you can use when Instagram is not working

With every passing day, Instagram is becoming the maestro of the Internet. A new day is a new trend, and it can get frustrating when Instagram not working error occurs. Instagram is quick with fixing bugs and preventing the app from crashing. Instagram and other social media apps usually face server issues when Android and iOS make significant changes in their operating systems.

You must be wondering how to fix Instagram not working problem. So now, without further delay, look at our troubleshooting guide. We’ve curated this, especially for you when you are facing Instagram not working error.

Top 7 Ways To Fix Instagram Not Working Problem?

How To Fix Instagram Not Working

Instagram usually works pretty smoothly, but still, some users go through errors like loading, crashing, or not refreshing. However, these errors might sound different, but their solutions are very similar to each other. This is why we’ve bunched them together in one handy guide to fix your IG.

Check for updates or re-install the app

Most of the time, people face errors on IG because they’ve not updated the app. When Instagram is not updated, it slows down, and at one point, it stops working. To avoid this kind of problem that leads to personal inconveniences, Here are the steps you should follow :

Steps to update Instagram on your device

  • Navigate to Appstore/Playstore.
  • Type “Instagram” in the search bar.

How To Fix Instagram Not Working?

  • Click on the very first search result and hit update.

How To Fix Instagram Not Working?How To Fix Instagram Not Working?


Steps to reinstall Instagram on your device

  • Long press on the already existing app and tap on “delete.”

How To Fix Instagram Not Working?

  • Go to Appstore/Playstore and type “Instagram” in the search bar.
  • Click on “Instagram” and then hit “Install.”

How To Fix Instagram Not Working?

Now, if you’ve followed these steps and your IG is working smoothly like butter again, then well and good. In case it is not, we still got you to try the other methods listed down.

Restart your phone

Sometimes the issue lies in your device itself and not the app. If this is the case, then your problem will be solved in no time. All you have to do is close your device and turn it back on again.

Steps to restart your phone when Instagram not opening

  • Go to “Settings” and scroll down to “General.”

How To Fix Instagram Not Working

  • Under “General,” scroll all the way down.

How To Fix Instagram Not Working

  • Tap on “Shut Down.”

How To Fix Instagram Not Working

  • Long press the power button to turn it back on.

Following these steps, you can easily restart your phone anytime you wish. Especially when your device is not working properly, and a quick restart is all it might need.

Check if Instagram is down

We’ve noticed that, primarily, most of the masses are not having a device error or a personal app error. Instead, the actual issue is that the whole Instagram site crashes, and nobody can access it. This error usually occurs when there is a sudden data overload. To check this, all you have to do is visit the Down Detector site.

Steps to inspect if IG is down

  • Open your preferred browser on your device.

How To Fix Instagram Not Working

  • In the search bar, type “Down Detector” and click on the first search result.

How To Fix Instagram Not Working

  • Choose “Instagram” and the site will guide you if IG is down.

How To Fix Instagram Not Working

This site can also help you if you’re having trouble accessing other apps or websites as well.

Log in To Your Instagram Account On Other Device

If Instagram is not down the probably the issue is at your end. Therefore, to ensure, you must try logging on to your IG account on another device. If you are able to sign in to your account on another device then you will know that there was an issue with your device.

Use Instagram On A Browser

If there’s a bug on the Instagram app, then you might face the Instagram not working error. So you can try using the browser version. Also, if you do not have another device available, you can use IG on the browser.

Clear App Cache

If others are using IG without any fuss and you could log in to the browser version of the app, then probably your device is causing the issue. So if the app cache is overloaded, the IG app won’t work. So you need to clear the Instagram app cache on your device quickly.

Report The Issue

If the issue persists once you have tried all the troubleshooting tips, you need to report the issue to Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is my Instagram feed not loading?

If your version of Instagram is outdated, then your feed might stop loading as well. This can be a problem if you’re using Instagram from a mobile device.

Q2. Why is Instagram feed not refreshing?

Poor internet connection might be one of the reasons why the Instagram feed is not working. So you can switch to Wi-Fi or data connection or vice versa. Another reason might be that IG might be down or the app cache on your device is full.

Q3. Why is there a login error on Instagram?

Change your password or send yourself a password reset email. Turn on two-factor authentication for additional security. Check if you enter the correct username, email address, and password.

Q4. How secure is a private Instagram account?

When your account is private, you’ll have to approve new followers before they can see your photos or videos. Only approved followers can find your posts through search, see which posts you’ve liked, and send you direct messages.

Q5. Can you post a picture on Instagram without someone seeing it?

No, you cannot post a picture on Instagram without someone seeing it. So if you do not want people to view some post that you have uploaded, then you must archive it. You can also block the people from whom you want to hide your post from. When you archive a post, it keeps all its likes and comments. Tap on your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile.

Instagram is the hotshot among all the social media apps, and if the hotshot goes down, then it gives a major FOMO to most of us. To save you from this FOMO, we have perfectly solved your Instagram not working problem. If none of the above tips help solve your problem, you must know that sometimes the issue could be with your app, not Instagram, specifically!

Now feel free to use these simple tricks of updating, reinstalling, or restarting and have your way out. Share these tricks with your peers to save them on a bad day. Have fun!