10 Unique Instagram Reel Ideas For Your Business

The best Instagram reel ideas you can use to go viral.

As a business owner, are you struggling to elevate your brand presence on the most popular socializing platform? Don’t worry. Coming up with the most creative Instagram reel ideas that propel your brand growth is a time-consuming task.

IG has been encouraging more video marketing strategies over the past two years. It also granted its users access to Reels editing tools to make the videos more interactive.

IG Reels, which are nothing but short-form videos, are a crowd favorite, and consumers find them more engaging than long-form videos.

To make your task easier, we have curated the top 10 best Instagram reel ideas that you can use to boost your brand’s engagement on the powerful platform.

Top 10 Instagram Reel Ideas For Business

The reels you post on your account will stay there until you delete them, unlike the IG stories, which disappear for your followers after 24hrs. A few brilliant reel ideas to help you grow your audience are explored below.

1. Introduce Yourself And Your Brand’s Story

Feel free to share the inspiration behind launching or scaling your business. More than the business, people like to engage with the brand’s story and the values of the business owner. Doing this helps you to create a strong bond with your followers, attract more fans and build deeper trust.

2. Show Off Your Skills/ Work

The audience appreciates talent, and you can include the skills that it takes to create your product or service can often go a long way in building trust with your target audience. You can be as creative as you possibly can and show your followers that your product or service has a personalized touch. Take a video of the entire process, whether you’re making a cake or a pair of adorable clay earrings, speed it up with a video editor, and upload it to your reels.

3. Give A Sneakpeak Or BTS Of Your Production

Taking your followers on a short journey of what your work is composed of or how your products are made is another great idea among the different Instagram reel ideas. Whatever your line of work, record a video showing the photo shooting procedure, product packaging, or a few aspects of your company operations and upload it to Instagram reels. They help to humanize your brand. The peculiarities and qualities that define your brand are apparent to your target audience.

4. ‘How To’ Tutorials

The internet is still the direct way to learn how to do anything. Educating your audience about how to do certain things has two major benefits. First, it makes you come across as an authority in that particular niche and second, helps you to attract more of your target audience. This helps to strengthen the bond while also sharing your expertise and knowledge.

Tutorials- Best Reel Idea

For example, you own a cosmetic brand. You can share a makeup tutorial using your products and create a look. This will give a significant boost to your brand. In addition, showing your target audience that you use your products and how good they are, makes you trustworthy among your existing followers and potential customers.

5. Listen To Your Audience And Engage.

You would expect likes and comments from your audience when you start sharing compelling Instagram reels. Replying to such comments is another great way to engage with your followers and encourage them to watch more of your content. Occasionally you can also encourage comments from your audience by offering some free giveaways.

6. Before And After- Instagram Reel Ideas

Before And After- Reel Ideas

Social media users have long enjoyed seeing before and after videos, which may result in many DMs and comments. This is pretty helpful if you are a content creator or influencer on the social platform. Share the before-and-after images of:

  • Your production area while making a product and after the product is ready.
  • Also, you can do an Instagram reel Vs. Real challenge where you show how it works in your organization and what’s seen in the reels on IG. Be original and offer your fresh thoughts!

7. Sharing UGC Reels

Sharing user-generated content is always a winning choice among the list of best Instagram reel ideas. Original content has high engagement rates on the platform rather than dull feature-rich content. Sharing reels from your community members builds a strong trust factor among your audience to buy your product or service. A quick tip to remember while using this idea is to ask permission to repurpose the content before sharing it on your page.

8. Share Hacks- Best Ideas For Instagram Reels

Share Hacks- Best Ideas For Reels

Share your best hacks or quick tips on anything relevant to your field or suited particularly to your business and your products. For example, your Instagram reels can include hacks about some makeup techniques that only you use and make the makeup process more quick and easy. Additionally, this will benefit in increasing engagement and trust.

9. Follow A Trend

Reels perform best when you follow trending ideas. This way, you may draw the attention of a mass audience to your brand. Songs, effects, and even filters may affect the current trends.

You will find the recent trends on the explore pages, or you can also use relevant hashtags to find the relevant trending topics in your industry vertical. To expand your follower base, it is crucial that you follow the changing trends regularly and create some content around them. You can also look for trending reels and download them on your smartphone device.

10. A Day In Your Life- Mini Vlogs

Your audience wants to establish a deeper connection with you. Showing a day in the life of ‘your occupation’ is a highly- personalized and creative Instagram reel ideas for your brand presence on the platform. By demonstrating your whole workday, from when you get up to when you go to bed, the audience will feel a bit more engaged with you personally.

You merely need to capture little clips of what a typical day in your life looks like to make one. Don’t forget to include the behind-the-scenes footage of you preparing your morning coffee, going about your lunchtime routine, and engaging in after-work activities. These small details appeal to and are most relatable to viewers.

11. Invite Influencers

Working with influencers or even micro-influencers and having them create reels for your brand can be a powerful idea to boost your business. The biggest advantage of this strategy is that you get a reach beyond your followers and fans, thereby increasing the chances of higher engagement rates.

These are a few fantastic methods to show what it’s like to work for your firm and inspire potential employees to apply for available positions or inquire about openings.

Also, one of the finest Instagram reel ideas for your business includes scheduling or choosing the best time to post your reels. The time can depend on your IG insights and when your followers are most active. If you have some brilliant ideas for videos, you can also post longer videos on your posts.

In short, Instagram reels are more effective than posts and stories for growing your IG following. You get to decide what kind of material you wish to produce. But ultimately, it matters how you use it.

So what are you waiting for? Create the most amazing reels for your business using the methods suggested above!