How To Tag Companies On LinkedIn?

Get the attention of a big organization in just a few steps.

Went to a business conference and wondering how to tag companies on LinkedIn posts to share your experience? Well, you’re at the right place! Sharing posts of your work-related progress on LinkedIn is essential. Let your connections know about your recent achievements.

Through this blog, understand how to tag companies on LinkedIn and the importance of tagging organizations on the platform. So without wasting any time, let’s cut to the chase.

How To Tag Company In LinkedIn Post? (Mobile & Desktop)

When creating a new post, make sure to tag your organization or any company you want to mention. When you’re creating posts, follow the steps given below to tag companies on your LinkedIn post.

  1. Go to add a post on your LinkedIn app.How To Tag Company On LinkedIn
  2. Now, type in the suitable caption.
  3. To tag people and companies, type @’ and then the organization’s name.
  4. You’ll see that your company’s name has popped up. So select the relevant account to tag.Tag Company On LinkedIn
  5. Select the photo or videos you want to add to the post.
  6. When done, hit post.Mention a Company On LinkedIn

In a few simpler steps, you can easily tag all the companies on LinkedIn you want to interact with or show your followers about your progress. Sometimes, it might happen that you accidentally tag the wrong company on a post.

Here’s how you can remove tag of your LinkedIn post.

How To Remove Tag From A LinkedIn Post?

After learning to tag companies on LinkedIn you should also know how to remove them. To remove unwanted tags from your LinkedIn post follow these steps and remove the mentions:

  1. Go to the post you want to remove the tag from.
  2. Now select the tag icon on the photo.
  3. Choose X icon next to the tag.
  4. The tag will be deleted after you click on the cross.

This is how you can remove tags from your posts. Similarly, you can also remove connections from your LinkedIn profile.

So if you’ve already posted about an event or an achievement but tagged the wrong organization, or you no longer work for them, this will help you remove them from your feed. The company wouldn’t be notified about your move.

Why Should One Tag The Company Before Posting?

Now that you’ve understood how to tag companies on LinkedIn post, it’s time to understand the importance of doing so. When you tag someone on LinkedIn, be it a person or a company, they get notified. They receive a notification or mail of your mention.

So this way, you can tag companies to gain their attention. Looking at this kind gesture of tagging them, they would respond quickly. Many professionals connect to a variety of companies using this method. This is a very useful way of getting noticed by a certain organization.

In the end, we hope that your query about how to tag companies on LinkedIn has been solved. This simple way is very effective for making connections on LinkedIn. We recommend budding professionals that they do tag companies on LinkedIn to grow their networking and get recognized by the company.