How To Update Snapchat?

Get Snapchat's latest version on your device!

Are you unable to see the latest lens or filters on Snap? Probably, you might be using the older version of the app, and that’s why you are here to learn how to update Snapchat. Whether you have an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, this process is not as complicated as you think. But first, you must have your device’s App Store or the Google Play store to get Snap’s new version.

Here’s a complete guide on how to update Snapchat if you are a beginner to Gen Z’s technology!

How To Update Snapchat On iPhone?

The steps to update the Snap app on all iOS devices are similar. The App store on your device will help you upgrade the app to its latest version. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Open the App store on your iPad or iPhone. Before doing so, ensure you’re connected to Wi-Fi or mobile data.

2. Now tap on the updates option below on the screen. If the option is unavailable, you must tap your profile icon to see if Snapchat has introduced its latest version.

iOS appstore settings

3. Scroll to find Snapchat, and tap on the update icon beside.update snapchat on ios iPhone

4. A circle will appear once you tap on the update icon. This means that your Snapchat is getting updated. This process might take a few seconds or minutes, depending on the speed of the internet.

How To Update Snap On Android?

Updating Snapchat on an Android device is a bit different than iOS. The process is as easy as it is on an iOS device. You only need to connect your device to the internet. The network speed also doesn’t matter much! But if you have a strong network connection, this process will only take a few minutes. Here’s what you must do next to update Snapchat:

1. Open the Playstore on your android device.

2. Next, you must tap on the profile icon in the right corner.

3. Now, select Manage apps & device from the list.

Google play store

4. Go to updates available.

5. Scroll down and find Snapchat from the list of apps.

6. Finally, tap on the update icon beside Snapchat.

update snapchat on android

Moreover, if you are facing any issues like your filters not loading or you are not able to access any latest features on the app, then probably you are using an older version of the Snap app. Therefore, you must know how to update Snapchat on your device. If you aren’t able to upgrade the app from the Playstore, you can even download an apk file on your Android device. But downloading an APK file is risky; this might also get malware and cookies on your phone that can harm your device.