How To Turn Off Spotify Smart Shuffle?

Not enjoying the smart shuffle mode on Spotify? Here's how to turn it off.

Spotify has launched a new feature for its premium users. Spotify Smart Shuffle is the latest addition to the platform that replaces Enhance option on the app. Now all iOS and Android premium users can elevate their playlists using this fantastic feature. But what does it do? and how can one turn it off?

Keep reading till the end as we answer all your queries regarding this newest addition for Premium music lovers on Spotify. Personalization just got more accurate with the Spotify Smart Shuffle feature!

What Is Spotify Smart Shuffle Feature?

Spotify’s Smart Shuffle feature is the latest replacement in the Spotify Premium app. This feature has replaced the Enhance option in playlists and works on improving the playlists in a much better way. When users turn this mode on, they will get more user-curated additions to their existing playlists. However, these suggestions are not permanent additions to your playlists and can be easily removed.

These song suggestions are based off of the music genre you often listen to or songs similar to existing songs on your playlist. Spotify Smart Shuffle enables users to experience newer songs that help them elevate their music taste by staying in a similar zone. The music-listening platform uses the likes and dislikes of premium users as a deciding factor for suggestions.

You can easily spot these song suggestions as they will have a sparkle symbol in front of them. To save any suggestion you enjoyed, simply tap on the plus button that you will find in the Now Playing view, and the song will be permanently added to the playlist.

How To Disable Smart Shuffle Feature On Spotify?

Many users might not like the suggestions added by the Spotify Smart Shuffle feature. Sometimes it may also happen that you have turned this suggestion feature on and want to change it back to your normal playlist. Well, this is doable and relatively easy. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your Spotify app.
  2. Open the playlist that you wish to turn off the feature in
  3. Now if you spot the shuffle symbol with a sparkle in green, it means that Spotify’s Smart Shuffle is on.How To Turn Off Spotify Smart Shuffle
  4. Tap on it once to turn it off.
  5. The shuffle symbol will now turn grey or white.
  6. All the suggestions that were added to the playlist will be removed, and you will see your original playlist.How To Turn Off Spotify Smart Shuffle

You can turn off your Smart Shuffle mode on Spotify in just a few easy steps. You can even see a pop-up indicating “Smart Shuffle recommendations removed”. Remember, this feature is available only to premium users on Spotify.

Why To Turn This Feature Off?

As a music lover, you must think, why should I turn this feature off if it is said to enhance my listening experience? In that case, it enhances your listening experience by adding songs you might like. But these additions to the existing playlists of the users can be a little annoying sometimes.

When listening to songs on the app, Spotify Smart Shuffle (if turned on) might add some song suggestions that you do not necessarily enjoy. So by turning it off, you can return to the original playlist that you carefully curated. Another reason is that some users might get confused between the regular shuffle button and the Smart Shuffle button on Spotify. You may confuse it for a regular shuffle button that plays your playlist in shuffle mode.

Now that you know how to turn Spotify Smart Shuffle off already, turning it off will be wonderful if you don’t like the song recommendations. Navigate to the “Now Playing” screen and press the Shuffle button to deactivate it. Since this feature is only available to premium users, if you cancel your Spotify subscription by any chance, the feature will be instantly disabled too.