How To Run Ads On Twitch?

Here's everything you must know to run ads on Twitch.

Twitch is one of the most often overlooked social platforms to reach millions worldwide. Since it is relatively new and not as popular as other social sites, many streamers do not understand how to run ads on Twitch and get more traffic to their channel. If you have the same confusion, just relax. You have landed on the right article that will precisely explain how to run ads on Twitch during the streaming.

How To Manually Run Ads On Twitch?

Before you place ads, ensure you are a partner or affiliate on Twitch. Because if you are not a part of this selective group, you aren’t eligible to run ads on Twitch. However, if you are, keep reading to know the steps to run ads on Twitch while streaming manually.

1. Writing Command In The Chat Box

Enter the following Ad command in your chat:

‘/commercial’ and the duration time in seconds.

You can run your ads for 30 seconds up to 180 seconds.

2. Run Ads On Twitch From Control Panel

While streaming live, you can go to your dashboard and choose to activate the ad you want, along with its duration.

Pros Of Running Automated Ads

  • Streamers can prepare the viewers by letting them know an Ad is coming in advance.
  • The manual approach puts greater control in the streamer’s hands.

Cons Of Running Manual Ads

  • Streamer has to manually perform the action of running the ads.
  • It can be easily forgotten if the streamer isn’t careful during live streaming.

How To Run An Ad On Twitch In An Automated Way

The automated process has several ways to run your ads on your stream.

1. Using The Ads Manager Or Stream Deck

Twitch Ads Manager Dashboard

You can utilize Twitch’s Ad Manager to place automatic ads. It is an Ad scheduler by Twitch made available to all streamers. Alternatively, you can use the stream deck tool that helps you place the ads with just one button.

2. Using Bots As Editors To Run Ads On Twitch

You can use bots such as ‘Streamelements‘ or ‘Moobot,‘ where you can activate a bot to place your ads. Connect your Twitch account to Streamelements. At the bottom, you will find the timer option. Simply enter the manual command in the bot chat along with the interval and frequency of ads.

Pros Of Running Automated Ads

  • Set it and forget functionality enables the streamer to focus on the quality of the stream rather than thinking about placing ads.
  • Easier to disable pre-roll ads by automatically meeting the criteria.

Pros Of Running Automated Ads

  • Viewers don’t know when the ad is coming.
  • Ads might run during important moments, and the streamer doesn’t know when the viewers see ads.

Bonus Tips To Run Ads On Twitch

We have listed some tips and strategies to help you create remarkable ad campaigns on the world’s largest gaming platform.

1. Begin Small With Shorter Ads

It is always recommended to take things slow, especially if you are new to Twitch. Start with a reasonable budget that doesn’t burn your pocket. Begin with shorter ads, which are less annoying when users interact with the platform. After some initial experimentation, you can increase the ad duration from 1 minute to 3 minutes.

2. Get Familiar With The Platform

Ensure you know the Twitch platform well enough before investing in advertisements. Watch live streams, interact, and learn from existing streamers who are doing well with Twitch Ads.

3. Space Out Your Ads Evenly

When working with creators, ensure that there is 15 minutes interval between ad breaks for an optimal viewing experience. Based on the intensity of your streaming, you can also increase this duration to 20-25 mins. Just keep your audience in mind and place your ads at optimal intervals.

4. Create Compelling Ad Copies

Make sure to include an attention-grabbing headline, engaging body copy, and an irresistible CTA. It should give your target audience the information they need to make the correct informed purchase decision.

5. Automate Your Ad Breaks

While live streaming, it can be challenging to think about manual ad placements at regular intervals. To make it smooth, you can delegate the ad placements using bots or the Twitch Ad Manager for effective ad placements.

Since you have read till the end, you are now well-versed on how to run ads on Twitch, along with some expert tips to achieve optimum results. Twitch’s growing viewership cannot be underestimated, and the rising trend of live streaming in the United States makes it a promising platform for running ads. If you have a decent audience base on Twitch, we recommend taking the early mover’s advantage and experimenting with Twitch Ads for maximum benefits at later stages.