What Are YouTube Widgets?

YouTube has rolled out widgets for its users to quickly access the best videos on the platform!

Thanks to the newly launched YouTube widgets, accessing YouTube has become much easier. The social media giant has made accessing the features of the app easier for its users using through widgets. This feature was already available for iPhone users; however, even Android users can now use it.

The main motive behind these widgets is to bring more engagement to the platform. But what exactly are YouTube widgets? Through this blog, understand the purpose of a YT widget and learn how to get one on your phone in a few easy steps.

What Are YouTube Widgets?

YouTube widgets are convenient shortcuts that YT offers its users to access the app’s features quickly. YouTube has made these widgets so that coming to the app gets more accessible and less time-consuming. Users don’t have to search for the app on their phones or navigate to the YT search bar in the app. With the help of the widgets, people can control and access these features with ease.

There are more than just the app widgets that the platform offers. Users and even creators can use YouTube widgets for websites. Through these widgets, creators can display their best videos on their websites or live screen. You can even embed your best videos on these YouTube widgets. Another type of widget that YT offers is YouTube Music widgets that allow users to play, pause, and change the music playing on their phone without going to the app.

Benefits Of YouTube Widgets

Now that you have understood the purpose of these widgets, it’s essential that you also understand the benefits of using these widgets for viewers as well as YouTubers.

Perks of Using YouTube Widgets For Websites:

  • Any brand can use these widgets on their website to increase website conversions. When visitors visit your site, you can cater to them best videos of yours to gain trust and convert them into your customer.
  • Potentially helps to drive more followers to your YouTube channel. As you can bifurcate and display the content you want, you can use this as an advantage to get more viewers to your channel.
  • You can use this to get all your social media content in one place. You can add content from all the media platforms you’re on, be it Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, to your website.
  • Improve your SEO metrics using these widgets and even improve the engagement of your website.

However, this was from the creator’s perspective. As far as viewers’ perspective, all they want is to access the app more easily from their phones so that they can enjoy watching their favorite videos anytime, anywhere. Here’s when YT widgets are essential on mobile phones.

How To Get YouTube Widgets On iPhone?

YouTube is Google’s latest app to add iPhone and iPad home screen widgets, with one of them, in particular, providing very convenient shortcuts. First, you must have the latest version of iOS on your iPhone.

  1. Go to your home screen.
  2.  Long press on the empty area until all the apps start to jiggle on your screen.
  3. In the top left corner, click on the “+” icon.
  4. How to add youtube widgets in iPhoneTap on the Search Widgets bar and type YouTube.
  5. Now tap on YouTube. How to add youtube widgets in iPhone
  6. Choose the widget you want. We recommend choosing Quick Actions as it allows users to get multiple features.

    How to add yt widgets in iPhone

  7. Place it on the home screen wherever you like.How to add widgets in iPhone

That’s it. You can now access YouTube’s many features just from your home screen. If you choose quick actions, you can access features like search, YouTube Shorts, Subscriptions, and your home page all from that widget.

How To Get YouTube On Android Phone?

The YT widgets are currently rolling out for users worldwide. So if you have Android 12 or later, you can check if you have them via:

  1. Press and hold your finger on the home screen.
  2. The customization menu will open up.
  3. Go to widgets. How to add youtube widgets in Android
  4. Search for or scroll toward the bottom of the list, where the YouTube widgets are.
  5. Now tap on YouTube. Setup quick actions on your homescreen
  6. Add the first widget to get searching and browsing quick actions.Setup quick actions on your mobile home screen
  7. Now by dragging it to the place you want on the home screen, you can get YT Widgets on your home screen.

You can use these YouTube widgets to get faster access to the app and make it less time-consuming to find your favorite video or the content you’re looking for. These widgets are added by the platform to direct users to their desired content in lesser clicks. We have covered all the steps for both iOS and Android users to smoothly access these widgets so that you can start using them at the earliest.