How To Write LinkedIn Cover Letter?

Tips for writing to make your cover letter stand out

Have you often wondered about different ways to write Linkedin cover letter that can help you stand out from the crowd?

In this digital day and age, a cover letter can be intimidating, with stiff competition around it. But job applicants can consider this their only chance to impress the potential employer or recruiter. So, this guide will explain some dos and don’ts you must include in your cover letter so you do not miss out on critical information. This blog will explain how to write Linkedin cover letter to impress any recruiter.

What Is A Cover Letter On LinkedIn And Its Importance?

A cover letter is a crisp and brief one-pager document attached to the CV. With hundreds of digital applicants to scan in a day, a good old boring cover letter will be skilled until something catches their eye. If your job application does not match the desired job profile, the cover letter can be your saving grace. Therefore, the job applicants must have a copy of it. Below is the image with the essential elements of a cover letter.

elements of cover letter

Essential Pointers To Keep In Mind Before Writing A LinkedIn Cover Letter:

The point of a cover letter is to provide information unavailable in your resume. So, before writing one, ensure to look through the following points.

  • No grammar mistakes are acceptable
  • Avoid a generic cover letter- research well about the company and job position you are applying to.
  • Do not include the points from the resume that a hiring professional can already read.
  • Showcase your personality
  • Try and answer questions regarding any skills specific to the job description.
  • Explain to the recruiters why you can be the perfect fit for the job role.
  • Highlight the social and interpersonal skills.

These pointers can help you draft a formal business letter. The cover letter must be of 300 words maximum. A cover letter acts like a supplement to the resume, which should complement it and help you in getting the job.

Tips To Include In Your LinkedIn Cover Letter

Along with tips for writing a catchy cover letter, we will include some Linkedin cover letter templates to guide you in making a great one. Follow these best practices and put in your best effort:


Until the headline is catchy, it will not hold the recruiter’s attention. Put some effort and thought into crafting a brief and captivating headline to get the professional hooked on the cover letter. Your aim is to get hired, so the LinkedIn cover letter must include interesting adjectives describing yourself. LinkedIn can recommend using numbers with adjectives for some cover letter templates. For example, insert a keyword and an odd number to grab the attention.

  • 5 Reasons I Bring Value To the Table!
  • 3 Reasons I Can Help The Company (name) Grow

The headlines like this showcase the value and talent you can add to the team you work with. You must position yourself as a perfect fit for the job in terms of skills match and cultural fit in the company.

Be Professional In Your Greetings

This is another critical point you must add to your cover letter. After a perfect headline, do not ruin the tone. Start with a professional greeting on the set go. Research well on the type of company. For example, if the position is in the corporate finance business, stick to a formal set of greetings (Dear Sir/Madam). If the company is a start-up or a digital marketing platform, do not shy away from using their first names.

To The Point Introduction

Next up, start your introduction with a bang. It must be to the point and well-structured. Highlight the number of experience you have in the current job role and incorporate your hard skills and significant achievements. In the following paragraphs, you can explain why you are an excellent fit for the job role. Limit the introduction to 3-4 lines making it crisp and to the point.

Explain The Reason Of Applying

You can support your claims of achievements and certifications that you must have mentioned in the resume. Please discuss your challenges in other jobs and how you overcame them.

Explain to the hiring professional how your goals align with the company’s, making you the perfect fit for the job. For example, if the job description is of Content Manager/Strategist, you can refer to the following cover letter example.

As a role of content manager specialist in my previous organization, I have a total experience of 3+ years of creating blogs and content of all formats for various corporate clients. I can be a valuable addition to your team and enhance content with my skills. Given that your company specializes in digital marketing, with my experince I can contribute an increase of 20% in social media campaigns and conversion.

With the above LinkedIn cover letter example, you must pay attention to detail and share your experience and knowledge. Lastly, sign off with a formal “Best regards” or “All the Best” with your full name. Additionally, you must let them know when and how to contact you. The last line must have the best time to contact you and your mobile and email address.

These are the 5 pointers you must focus on to land your dream job. If you are looking at how to write LinkedIn cover letter, you can refer to this guide and improve your chances of getting contacted by the recruiter for an interview.