How To Edit WhatsApp Message?

Check out the edit WhatsApp feature to rephrase and add extra content to your texts.

Facebook has rolled out a new edit WhatsApp message feature for users who often make spelling mistakes while writing. Not mainly for such users, but it gives an opportunity to re-edit any text sent within 10 minutes.

Initially, this feature was on Telegram, but as whatsApp has a more extensive user base, Meta decided to bring it to WhatsApp. This blog has a complete explanation on edit WhatsApp messages so you can rectify your sentence even after sending it.

How To Edit WhatsApp Messages on iOS?

Editing WhatsApp messages has been the most awaited feature till now. While rolling out the feature, Facebook has made sure that the feature is accessible to both iOS and Android users. Here’s how to edit WhatsApp Messages.

1. Open the WhatsApp application.

2. Navigate to the chat. 

3. Press and hold the message you wish to edit on WhatsApp.

4. Choose the edit option to edit my text.

edit option-whatsapp-long-press

5. Tap on the tick icon next to your text.

edit the text-whatsapp-tick icon

The steps for editing WhatsApp messages for iPhone and Android are similar. So you can follow the abovementioned steps to rephrase your text on iOS.

Why Can’t I Edit Message On WhatsApp?

Since WhatsApp has recently rolled out the feature, it isn’t available to everyone. Not using the latest version of the application is one of the main reasons why you cannot see the edit option on WhatsApp. Update it on the App Store and see if you can see the feature.

How Do You Delete WhatsApp Chats For Both Sides?

The edit WhatsApp message feature would work if you accidentally sent the message to the wrong person. You would need to delete WhatsApp chats for both sides. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Open the WhatsApp application, and navigate to the chat you sent the message to.

2. Long-press the text you wish to delete, and tap on the Dustin icon at the top section.

3. You will see a prompt asking you two options: Delete for me and Delete for everyone. 

4. Now, if you want to unsend the text from both sides, choose to delete it for everyone. You can choose to delete for me the option to remove the text from your side.


From correcting your spelling mistakes to adding extra content, the edit WhatsApp message feature brings you more control over your chats. Now you already know how to edit WhatsApp messages. Above, we have also mentioned the steps for deleting the text from both sites if you mistakenly send the text to the wrong person.