Top LinkedIn Automation Tools That Won’t Get You Banned

What's This Automation Tools?

If you have a business on LinkedIn, handling everything manually on the platform is always challenging. But with Linkedin automation, you free yourself from performing things manually. There are loads of Linkedin tools on the platform, but choosing the right one is important as some tools look like bots. In this blog, we will learn about some automation tools that will make your life easier.

LinkedIn Automation refers to using tools and performing multiple tasks. It includes sending out connection requests, follow-up messages, and activities usually performed by hand. Here’s the guide on Linked tools to use in your business.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

LinkedIn doesn’t allow the user to use any automation tools, as some don’t generate leads but give you bots. And this bot will get you banned. So, knowing their ins and outs is significant before using these tools. Here are the two best linkedin automated messaging tools that protect your account.



Exapndi started the tools doing LinkedIn automation. No, they also integrate cold emails and other features like sending connection requests, LinkedIn messages, inmails, cold emails, warmups, A/B testing, shared inbox, etc. Expandi claims that they are the safest tool on the market.

Why Expandi Is The Safest Linkedin Automation Software? 

You can only enjoy lead generation and automation tools when your LinkedIn profile is not at stake. Expandi helps to make it possible. It has a certain parameter set that limits your action to keep your account far from getting banned.

Restrict Action Limit: Expandi has safety limits for connection requests, follow-ups, random delays, intervals for sending out messages and mimicking human behavior.

Remove The Pending Connection Requests: Expandi limits on pending connection requests and automatically withdraws the ignored and unanswered connection requests. As a human, we tend to cancel requests when someone doesn’t answer that. This action is added to mimic human behavior so you don’t seem suspicious.

Uses The IP Location: This LinkedIn automation software uses your country’s dedicated IP address to look authentic and original to LinkedIn.

Post Planner


Post Planner is the second LinkedIn automation tool that helps in finding great content and enables you to automate the posting process. This doesn’t provide safety like Expandi to your account but does keep it authentic. Here are the four parameters where post planner assists you in improving your online presence.

Consistent Post Schedule: The first thing that a post planner offers is post-scheduling. For that, you must decide certain factors like the days, dates, and times you want to post, the type of content, and the location you wish to post on. The software automatically posts the content you have selected.

Diversify Your LinkedIn Content: This LinkedIn automation tool gives you diversification in content which is a great thing to improve your content strategy. Many people on LinkedIn post articles that can get boring after a while. So posting content like images, videos, infographics, etc., to keep your audience from boring content.

Plan Content Calendar Weeks In Advance: Linked Automation tool is about saving time and giving you ease. This tool helps automate the posting calendar weeks in advance to ensure you pick better content to post. You can add multiple photos to the planner, and it will schedule them accordingly. You can schedule posts on other social media platforms using this post planner.

Using random LinkedIn automation tools can cause trouble to your account. One of the most considerable losses is getting your account banned. Finding a tool that provides amazing features to improve your performance and is safe is quite challenging. But we have narrowed your search and mentioned two LinkedIn automated messaging tools that won’t get you banned.