How To Add Multiple Photos To LinkedIn Post?

Know how to add multiple photos to LinkedIn post and make them more engaging.

Do you wish to make your LinkedIn posts more appealing to your readers? Then, you should know how to add multiple photos to LinkedIn post. Despite being a professional networking platform, it is updating to become more visual with the changing trend.

Images are a great way to grab your reader’s attention while conveying your message. This article will provide you with a detailed guide about how to add multiple photos to LinkedIn post.

Can You Post Multiple Photos On LinkedIn With The New Update?

Until now, LinkedIn allowed its users to add only a single photo to their posts. However, the recent update has added the feature to share multiple images in a single post. LinkedIn members can now add a maximum of nine images to their posts. It increases the odds of higher engagement on your posts on the networking platform.

How To Post Multiple Photos On LinkedIn?

Follow the steps below if you want to add various images to your LinkedIn post through the mobile app. The steps are the same for iOS and Android users:

1. Open the LinkedIn app on your smartphone.

2. Look for the ‘Post‘ button at the bottom and tap.

Open LinkedIn

3. Select the ‘Add a Photo‘ option in the menu.

4. Select the Images that you wish to upload. You can choose up to 9 images. Tap the ‘Add’ button in the top right corner.

Tap on Add a Photo

5.  You will come across the right arrow button in the bottom right corner. Tap it to proceed ahead.

6. You can write something in the ‘What do you want to Talk about?‘ section. This gives written context to your images.

Add a text to the post

7. Once done, tap the ‘Post‘ button in the top right corner.

Tap Post to add multiple photos

You can also customize and select the audience who can view your post with multiple photos.

How To Add Multiple Photos To LinkedIn Post On A Desktop?

Adding multiple images to your LinkedIn posts on a desktop is very straightforward. You can follow the steps illustrated below.

1. Open LinkedIn on your favourite browser on the desktop. Log in if necessary.

2. Click on the Photo button, which you will see right below the start a post button.

3. Choose up to nine images to add to your post. Then, click Open.

Open LinkedIn on Desktop


4. You can edit the images or add alternative text if necessary. Once the images are good to be published, click ‘Done.

5. Add some text as captions that give context to the images.

Click Done & Type Text

6. Click on the ‘Post‘ button at the bottom.

Tap Post to add multiple photos through your Desktop

Know that the first two photos you upload are more visible to your readers than the rest. So, it is recommended to arrange the most preferred images in the beginning while you add multiple photos to LinkedIn post. If the first two images grab the viewer’s attention, there are more chances that they will view your post.

You can use a mix of different sizes for posts with multiple images. However, LinkedIn recommends using 1920 x 1080 pixels to enrich your posts with a visually appealing story.

LinkedIn constantly adds features to match the likes of the other social platforms and make them more visually attractive. Now that you know how to add multiple photos to LinkedIn post, you can use a combination of different layouts to see what gives your content the highest engagement rates and build your audience base.

It is also vital that you update your profile with your most recent experience that enhances your profile. Also, if you are using LinkedIn on a shared device, logging out of that device is always safe to prevent any further misuse of your data.