How To Use Telegram In 2022?

Here's everything you need to know about using Telegram!

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging platforms today. So you must know how to use Telegram. It’s not just an alternative to WhatsApp, but it also has features no other apps do. For example, you can search and join public groups on this app.

There are a lot of other uses for this messaging. You can use Telegram to call, text, video call, and even have private conversations with people. But don’t worry, if you don’t know how does Telegram work by the end of this article, you will know everything about this app.

In this article, we will see how to use Telegram:

How To Use The Telegram App?telegram-uses

If all your friends are suddenly joining the app and they wish to add you, then you will need it on your phone too. The first thing you need to do is Install the app on your device. For that, just go to the app store and download Telegram, and install the app.

Once you have the app installed, here is how you can make the best use of it:

Chat With Your Friends

When you join TG, you will immediately see all your friends that are already using the app on your screen. Just tap on their contact to start a conversation with them. If you don’t see somebody’s contact on the home page, you can search for them by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. This is how to use Telegram to chat with friends. You can also voice call or video call the friend.telegram-chat

Remember, TG’s privacy policy is not as clear as WhatsApp, meaning the chat you are having with a friend might be getting read by their authorities. So if you want privacy, you can try starting a secret chat.

Start A Secret Chat

Secret chats are a feature that lets you have a very private conversation on TG without your messages being read by the app. Due to this lack of privacy, a lot of people prefer not to use this app. What the secret chat feature does is offered in WhatsApp chats by default.

To start a secret chat on TG, follow these steps:

  1. Open Telegram and tap on the pen icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.telegram-secret-chat
  2. Select ‘New secret chat’ and then select the person you want to start a conversation with.telegram-secret-chat-with-friend

Now when you send them a message in this chat, the chat window will have a green lock. This chat window will appear separate from the other chat window. So now you will see 2 chat windows with the same person’s name; one will be a secret chat window and one regular.

You can also set self-destruct timer on the secret chat that will make the chat disappear after the set time. Just tap on the clock icon on their profile icon and choose the time.

Create A Telegram Group

Another way you can use Telegram is by creating a group. You can create a group with as many people from your contacts as you want. Again, there is no privacy offered regarding group chats as they aren’t end-to-end encrypted, and all your group chats can be read by the app.

Here are the steps to create a TG group:

  1. Open Telegram and tap on the pen icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.telegram-group-chat-with-friends
  2. Select ‘New group’ and tap on the names of the people you want to add.
  3. Tap the arrow at the bottom right corner of the screen and set the group picture and name.
  4. Finally, tap the tick to create a

You can add up to 200,000 group members, and you can add them anytime you want.

Join A Telegram Channel

Telegram channels are kind of like groups, but you can only read messages on a public channel. Channels are informative sources that connect a lot of people with a single topic. There are public channels that are visible on search, and then there are private channels that you need the invitation to if you want to join them.

Here are the steps to join a public channel on Telegram:

  1. Open Telegram and tap on the magnifying glass icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Type the channel name and select the channel you want to
  3. Tap Join.join-channel-on-telegram

You dont need any sort of permission to join a public channel. You can search for a certain post in the channel, and if the channel is too active, you can mute it too.

Create A Telegram Channel

If you have something you want to share with users, you can create your own public or private channel. Here are the steps to use Telegram app to create a channel:

  1. Open Telegram and tap on the pen icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  2. Select ‘New channel’ and tap on ‘Create channel.’create-channel-on-telegram
  3. Set a picture and name for your channel, and write a good description.
  4. Tap on the tick mark at the top right corner of the screen and choose whether you want the channel to be public or private.
  5. If you set your channel to public you will have to create a link that people can use to join the channel. Once done, tap on the
  6. Select people from your contact list to join your channel and tap the arrow.choose-subscribers-for-channel-on-telegram

Now whatever you want to broadcast on the channel can be seen by all the members in the channel.

How To Post On Telegram?

If you want to share posts on Telegram, you will need a channel to post in. You can either follow the above steps to create a brand new channel or ask a friend with a channel to promote you to admin on their channel. You need to be an admin in a channel if you want to post on this app. Once you are the admin, you can just type your post in the channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Install Telegram?

Go to the app store on your device and download and install Telegram.

Q2. What Is Telegram?

Telegram is a messaging app that lets you connect with people all around the world. You can send texts, voice notes, images, gifs, and even make voice and video calls.

Q3. How Is Telegram Different From WhatsApp?

Telegram has the option to create public channels, which is not a feature WhatApp offers. But the downside of this app is that it also doesn’t offer end-to-end encrypted privacy like WhatsApp.

Q4. Is Telegram Available On iPhone?

Yes. Telegram is available on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Q5. Who Can Message Me On Telegram?

People who have your number can message you on Telegram. Also, if you have set your username to the public, then anyone who is able to find you can message you.


Telegram is popular for having channels that anyone can join. If you’re wondering how to use Telegram, here is the article for you.

You can use this app in the following ways:

  • Text, call, video call your friends
  • Chat privately with friends
  • Create a group
  • Join a channel
  • Create a channel
  • Post on Telegram channel

Telegram is very useful, but the lack of proper privacy might become an issue. If you are new to this app, you can also join channels and groups using chat IDs.