How To Schedule TikTok Post?

Let's learn how to schedule!

As most of the creators are always busy handling brand projects they receive, they do not get time to post trendy TikTok videos on time. Keeping this in mind, the video-sharing platform came with an amazing schedule TikTok post feature to make their creators’ life easier. However, allowed them to access the feature only on desktops. But once you schedule your video, it will be shown on both phone and desktop. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to utilize the schedule TikTok post feature for maximum impact.

Steps To Schedule TikTok Post On The Desktop

TikTok lets the creator schedule the video from 15 minutes to 10 days in advance of uploading. Here are the steps to know how TikTok schedule post.

1. Open your computer and go to the web browser. 

2. Login with your Tiktok credentials and click on the cloud icon at the top-right corner of the screen. If you don’t see the cloud icon at the top, you will see the upload rectangular button.

upload-schedule tiktok post

3. Once you click on the upload button, you will be directed to the video upload page. Add your TikTok video with a suitable caption, add hashtags, and your video privacy, and at the bottom, you will see the schedule post option.

4. Press the toggle button to enable the scheduling feature, choose the time and date, and click on the schedule to plan a TikTok post.

schedule tiktok video-steps

5. When the scheduled post is uploaded, you will receive a notification to alert you that your post is live.

upload tiktok video

Steps To Schedule TT Posts On The Mobile Phone

You are required to use the tool to schedule TikTok post on your mobile phone. There are loads of scheduling tools available online, such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Later, etc. The following are steps to do it.

1. Connect your TikTok account with a scheduling tool. Let’s say you are using Hootsuite. Download the application from the App Store/ Play Store.

2. Since Tiktok doesn’t let you download the video before uploading, you can still save it to your gallery by changing its privacy setting. Upload the video as private and download it later. It would be even better if you make your video in the Hootsuite application and download it from there to your phone. 

3. Now, it’s time to schedule your Tiktok post. Open the Hootsuite application, and tap on the compose button at the bottom of the screen.

4. Select your TikTok account, and enter your caption, hashtags, and links.

5. Then, choose the video from the gallery icon above the keyword, and tap on next. Once you tap on the next, select the custom schedule. 

custom schedule-tiktok-video

6.  Choose the time and date, tap on OK, and you are done!

set time and date-tiktok

Why Can’t I Schedule TikTok Video On Mobile?

Spotify enables creators to use the schedule TikTok post feature on a desktop. Therefore, mobile doesn’t support it. But once you schedule TT videos on your desktop, the post will be visible on both your computer and mobile phone.

How To Edit Schedule TikTok Video?

As a creator, it’s always a concern to upload the perfect video, and you may want to make some changes to your video after you schedule it. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t allow you to edit your TikTok video once it’s scheduled.

Scheduling your TikTok saves time and helps you generate maximum traffic to your video by uploading it at the right time. Now that you know how you can schedule TikTok post, share the video to your Facebook story to bring more engagement.