How To Watch Multiple Twitch Streams?

Let's watch multiple Twitch streams at once!

It’s likely that you have followed a number of producers and tuned into their streams if you are an ardent Twitch user who likes watching content on the streaming service. Additionally, there’s a good potential that some of your preferred streamers may go live simultaneously, forcing you to choose which streamer to watch. And then you wish you could watch multiple Twitch streams. But guess what? You can use the pop-out player feature on Twitch to multi-stream on the platform.

Now, you must be wondering, are there other ways to watch multiple streams? There are! So, here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to watch various Twitch streams.

How To Watch Multiple Streams On Twitch?

How to watch multiple streams on twitch


There’s no fixed number to watch streams on Twitch. Make sure your screen has enough space to fit in multiple Streams. You can use the following methods to watch multiple Twitch streams.

Pop-out Player- Method 1

  • Open Twitch on your browser.
  • Search for your favorite streamer and start playing the stream.
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ icon at the bottom right corner of the stream.


  • Select the ‘Popout Player’ option.
  • Repeat the Steps by searching multiple streamers.


Multitwitch-Method 2

  • Open Multitwitch on your browser
  • Keep the site address as it is, and write the names of the streamers you want to watch.
  • Separate the names by using the  ‘/ slash.’ 

watch multiple streams on twitch

  • Press ‘Enter,’ and you will be taken to the next page where the streams are playing.
  • You can remove or add the streams by clicking ‘Change Streams’ in the bottom right corner.
  • To toggle or hide the chatbox,’ Toggle Chat’ is at the bottom right.

how to use multitwitch steps

Twitch.Tv/ Directory- Method 3

  • Open Twitch.Tv/directory on your browser.
  • Search for ‘Squad Streams’  in the search bar and select ‘Squad stream.’
  • Tap a video to watch, and you will see the streamer is already streaming with other Twitch streamers.

watch multiple streams on twitch

  • Select ‘Watch in Squad Mode.’ this will load a new page to all the streams in the squad playing.
  • You can click ‘Exit Squad Mode’ at the top right corner to exit the streams.

using twitchtv for multi streamin twitch


Watch Multiple Streams On Twitch Using is an online multi-streaming platform where you can stream multiple from Twitch. You can copy the URLs of different Streams from Twict and paste them into, and you can also select the layout to play your streams and have a mobile version. Here are the detailed steps to use

  • Open on your Browser.
  • Go to the new tab and open Twitch.

watch multiple streams on twitch

  • Select the stream you want to watch. Copy the URL of the stream.
  • Paste the URL in

stream multiple on twitch

  • Repeat the steps until you are done with the desired number of streams.
  • Select the layout you want to play the streams in, and you can change the layout by selecting the different layouts on the left-hand side.

want multiple twitch streams

How To Watch Multiple Twitch Streams On Mobile?

  • Open on your mobile browser.
  • Open Twitch in another tab.

watch multiple streams on twitch

  • Tap the ‘share’ icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Copy the Stream URL

multi stream twitch mobile

  • Paste the URL in the
  • Repeat the steps until you get the number of streamers you want.
  • Select the layout of your choice.

multistream twitch using mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is There Any Other Way To Watch Multiple Streams On Twitch?

Yes, many Websites like Multistre allow you to watch multiple streamers from Twitch simultaneously. For example, TwitchTheater.

There are so many other websites you can use to multi-stream Twitch streams. We just learned about so many ways to multi-stream on Twitch. Keep in mind that there is so no limit to how many streams you can watch at one single time on a single website. If you are using third-party websites, please be sure of the security.

If you are using any third-party website, do not share your twitch account passwords on the website. Now, you have all the detailed steps to watch multiple streams on Twitch. Go ahead and try out the multi-streaming platforms mentioned above. We are sure you won’t be disappointed. Do you know How To Subscribe to Twitch Prime?