How To Get Twitch Gift Card?

Buy a gift card to get exclusive badges on Twitch!

The platform is rolling out exclusive features for its streamers throughout the year, and a Twitch gift card is one of them. So, let us cut to the chase for people who don’t know what a gift card is and what they can do with it. So, this gift card is a digital card with which you can buy a subscription to your favorite streamer’s channel and support them on the platform.

You can also gift it to your gamer friends to buy anything on Twitch and show your love to them. Below is the complete guide on getting a Twitch gift card using different sites and offering them to whoever you want.

Steps To Get A Twitch Gift Card Amazon

You will find different online sites to get a gift card. You need to fill up your details on the site, and that’s all. Here are the steps for buying an Amazon Twitch gift card.

1. Open your phone and head to chrome/safari.

2. Type Amazon Twitch gift card in the search bar, and open the first link.

search-twitch gift cards

2. Unlike other sites, Amazon provides gift card designs. So if you are gifting the card to your gamer friend, you can choose the design according to the event. Choose the design and fill in the other details.

twitch-design card

3. Select an amount between $25-$200 and enter the person’s email address for whom you want to buy the Twitch gift card.

4. Enter your name, write a message for the persoṇ, and choose the card quantity.

twitch gift card-details

5. Once you do this, choose the delivery date and click the buy now button at the top.

buy now-twitch

6. Enter your card details, choose the payment method, and buy the card.

make payment-steps

The steps of buying a card on your phone are similar to the desktop one but with a different interface.

Other Websites To Buy Twitch Gift Card

Amazon was the site you could use to buy Twitch gift cards quickly, as they are already installed on everyone’s device. Though if you cannot find the cards on the Amazon application or sites, here are some websites you can use that come clean.


Startselect is a Europe-based website that trades in gift cards, subscriptions, digital games, etc. This is one of the genuine websites you can use to buy the product.

Al giftcards

Selecting a gift for your loved one can be a tricky job. Knowing what your person will love is another headache. In such cases, you can scan the fantastic gift card ideas from al giftcards.


You must have heard about Paypal as a digital payment payor. You can visit its original website to buy gift cards.

Getting a Twitch gift card for your streamer or friends requires simple steps. But if your prime motto of buying cards is pampering your favorite streamer, you can buy Twitch bits instead.