WhatsApp Voice Notes Update: Everything You Need To Know!

Know how voice notes on WhatsApp will maintain your privacy.

WhatsApp is planning to roll out a new voice message feature that will allow the receiver to play it only once. So, if you have been enjoying your friend’s quirky Whatsapp audio notes so far, you won’t be able to do that further. This feature is in progress and expected to break out very soon. Till then, here’s everything you need to know about WhatsApp audio notes.

What Does The New WhatsApp Audio Notes Update Say?

whatsapp audio-feature

Since the WhatsApp voice message is under development, it has several things to say that will break your heart. Check out the list to know what they are:

  1. Once the feature is launched, you won’t be able to save and forward the audio notes.
  2. You can play the WhatsApp audio notes only once like you could see the “view once” picture.
  3. This update claim to increase your privacy and security through this feature on WhatsApp. Because this will reduce the risk of accessing and listening to your audio notes later by downloading.
  4. Remember how you used to open your view once photo on WhatsApp? You have to listen to voice messages in the same way. So yes, now you will get a WhatsApp audio button in a chat, as shown in the image below.
whatsapp voice notes-update
Picture credits: WABetaInfo

Like any new feature, this one will also be beta-tested in the beginning, and only a fewer users will be able to access it.

Why Can’t I Listen To Voice Messages On WhatsApp?

You will wonder why can’t I listen to voice messages after listening once due to this feature. So the thing you can do to listen to WhatsApp audio notes more than once is not update the application. But you won’t be able to do it for a longer time. You would need to update the app once the beta-testing ends. Or else the application will automatically bring it out after some time.

Now you know everything about WhatsApp audio notes updates. With this, Meta is also planning to develop new features. If you want to know about them, you must check out all WhatsApp new updates!