How To Upload A Podcast To YouTube?

Grow Your Audience with YT Podcast

If you are a YouTube or Spotify podcaster, you might know the power of having a strong online presence. If you want to expand your audience through podcasts, then you should learn how to upload a podcast to YouTube. Uploading a podcast is a great way to connect with people & it can help you gain new followers.

In this blog, we will discuss the step-by-step process of how to upload a podcast to YouTube.

Steps To Upload Podcast To YouTube

It is important to note that you can not directly upload an audio file to YouTube. So, for a podcast, you must first convert your audio to a video file. Then, you can use images or other effects for a lively background.

How do you convert your audio file to video format for your podcast? Well, many free and paid tools are available on the internet for that. The tools will help you convert the files; however, you can also use YouTube editor to edit your YT videos. Here are the steps to directly upload a podcast on YouTube.

1: Open YouTube on your device.

2: Scroll down to find the YouTube studio option.

3: Now press the create icon.

Upload YT podcast

4: Select a new podcast from the given options.

5: Tap on create a new podcast.

how to upload YT podcast

6: Enter details about the video, including the title and description.

7: Select privacy for the visibility.

Uploading YouTube podcast

8: Upload a thumbnail for your podcast & press create.

9: Press add videos in the blue box to upload your podcast video.

How to post podcast on YT

10: Press select files. You can also drag and drop your file.

11: Enter the title and description of your podcast video.

Podcast YT

12: Press Next

13: Add video elements like end screen or cards and press next.

YouTube podcast

14: Now is time to publish your podcast. Select the privacy option & press publish to post podcast immediately or schedule it to go live later.

YouTube podcast

Dos & Don’ts Of A Successful YouTube Podcast 

Putting a podcast on YouTube takes time and effort. So, it is important to make sure that you are following the right customs. In this section of the blog, we will guide you through the dos and don’ts of a YouTube podcast.  


  1. Film your recordings: You should always consider recording your videos on your own. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to upload a YouTube Podcast.
  2. Take out short clips from your podcast: You can easily break the podcast into smaller videos. Now post these small clips individually from your YouTube channel. Doing this will boost your visibility and reach on the platform. 
  3. Create thumbnails: Your podcast should grab viewers’ attention, and thumbnails will help you to hook people in.


  1. Post static images: This won’t engage your potential viewers. Everyone loves creativity nowadays, and uploading static images syncing with audio and video is a bit monotonous. 
  2. Care about the views: Views do matter, but if you have just started your podcasting journey, then your main focus should revolve around maintaining the quality of your podcast.

Knowing how to upload a podcast to YouTube can help you grow your online presence. It also helps in reaching a wider audience. Following the steps mentioned in the blog, you can easily create a video version of your podcast and share it on YouTube.