New Update: WhatsApp Username Replaces Phone Number

Know why the WhatsApp phone number is replaced with a username.

Meta has recently rolled out its new feature that is about to replace phone numbers with WhatsApp username. This feature is mainly for groups on the application with many users. However, you would have noticed the swap between numbers and usernames in your group chats.

The blog will tell you detailed information about the replaced contact number with a WhatsApp username.

Everything About WhatsApp Replacing Phone Number With Usernames Update

phone number-username-WA

Since this feature is mainly launched for groups, you would have noticed the WhatsApp phone number is swapped with the username. This is because the prime motto for launching this update was recognizing the user sending messages to the group. Earlier, we also had the option to look up the person behind the message. It was beside the phone number on the chat bubble. But now Meta has pushed the WhatsApp username in front and the phone number in the corner, as shown in the image below.

Can People See My Phone Number On WhatsApp?

Yes, people can see your phone number on the WhatsApp group. One can do it in two ways. So the first one is visiting the chat page and seeing the name by tapping the username. The second way to see your number on WhatsApp is by checking the member list in the group. Since the number is replaced with a WhatsApp username, your name will show on the chat bubble before your contact number.

Why Can’t I See Someone’s WhatsApp Username?


The push username feature can help you recognize people in the group if you haven’t saved everyone’s number. But not everyone’s WhatsApp name is visible on the application. Some users have set strict privacy so that no one can see their status, about or even profile photos on WhatsApp.

Why Can’t I See The Push Username Update On My WhatsApp?

The feature was rolled out on the application in December 2022. But if you still can not see the push username update on your WA, that will be because you are running the application on your desktop. So yes, if you use the web version of WA or the application on your computer, you won’t see the username before the number.

Now you know everything about the push username feature. So once you create a group chat,  you can see the WhatsApp username of the group member before their phone number whenever they drop a message.