Best Short Films On YouTube

Find out the best short films of all time

Are you bored of the web shows and movies on the OTT platforms? And even exhausted from scrolling through YT shorts and Instagram reels? And you have some time to kill, and are you looking for recommendations on what to watch? So, we have a simple answer for you- Short films on YouTube. Yes, you can watch some of the best short films on YouTube, depending on the genre you like.

We will recommend some short YouTube movies that have been famous over time. Since all of us, in general, are so addicted to consuming content throughout the day to destress or have the habit of watching movies while eating, then this list of short movies on YouTube is perfect for making you smile, laugh and feel all sorts of emotions. You can also share the movies with your friends and view them together while everyone is at their own homes.

List Of Best Short Films On YouTube Of All Times

World cinema can be full of pleasant surprises. Short movies concentrate on storytelling, as they are a maximum of 1 to 20 minutes and do not have the budget to make a feature film. These movies are sometimes based on social campaigns like global warming. Here are some of the short films we recommend as a must-watch:

The Neighbor’s Window (2019)

The first recommendation is for 2019’s Neighbor’s Window, an American short film. It won the Academy Award for best live-action short film in 2020. It’s a 20.38-minute movie about a middle-aged woman tired of her monotonous life and growing apart from her spouse. But she suddenly discovers she can look through the young couple’s lives across the apartment from hers. As she romanticizes the couple’s life, she realizes that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and instead begins to be grateful for what she has.

The Big Shave (1967)

The movie is less than 6 minutes, directed by Martin Scorsese is deeply influenced by his life during his early days in the United States during the Vietnam War. The short documentary on YouTube depicts s young man who repeatedly nicks himself while shaving, which is shown as a symbol of US participation in the war. It deals with the trauma experienced by veterans during the war.

The Disappearance Of Bingham (2015)

It is one of the short horror films on YouTube based on prisoners treated as guinea pigs for experimental punishment programs. The punishments are ruthless. The movie is a take on unfair practices and justice not being achieved in the system.

The Jog (2019)

The movie is based on racial inequality. In this short film, the protagonist receives the call of his dreams: acceptance into a police academy. He gets up and goes for a morning job, where he sees a distressed woman. He pursues her and ultimately knocks out her attacker, a white man with a gun. The police show up and automatically think the black man is guilty.

Six Shooter (2004)

An unstable young guy and a heartbroken widower meet on a train, setting off a chain reaction that ultimately leads to bloodshed and anarchy. There’s a lot of blood and violence, but it’s balanced off by wry humor that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The Irish stage director-turned-filmmaker 2004 short film Six Shooter won the Best Short Film award. The 27-minute short is a black comedy that is as violent as it is hilarious.

Kookie (2016)

Kookie is one of the best short animated films nominated for an Oscar. It is a horror, spooky, but fun film about a 9-year-old child falling prey to a wrong parenting lesson. She frequently sneaks cookies from the container and then makes up excuses. To teach Bree a lesson, her mother swaps out the family’s adorable porcelain bear cookie jar for a scary clown cookie jar.

The Gunfighter (2014)

It is a classic short comedy movie on YouTube. The humor is that the narrator, who has a deep, manly voice, reveals every character’s thoughts as if he were writing them. And by showing the tavern patrons’ true motives, he unleashes chaos. After the narrator exposes the bar patrons’ extramarital affairs, STDs, and killings, an all-out firefight breaks out.

These are some of the best short films on YouTube that you can watch during your time off. You can also watch some classic movies on rent on YouTube with your friends and family over the weekend.